10 Reasons To Strengthen Your Energy Field (& How To Do It!)

Feb 1, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

strengthen your energy

Today a friend told me about ton of strange things that were happening to her that seemed to make no sense.  It was as though all sorts of events- and even ghosts- were coming into her life that were unwelcome and she couldn’t figure out why.  It reminded me of the very very bad-for-me relationship I once had where my car got mysteriously dented 3 times (I’d never been in an accident) and my email hacked and even my files were corrupted at my doctor’s office… and this does not happen to me, ever.

So, what to make of these strange leaks, mishaps and haunting type bizarre happenings?

While a random event or unexplained weirdness or two can be just part of the idiosyncrasies of daily life, a whole mess of stuff happening usually makes me think of energy in a bigger way.

If you’re experiencing a lot of strange stuff coming into your life (including: dramatic people, odd phone calls, strange home stuff breaking, lots of odd feelings of things being off or out of whack) you might want to clear and strengthen your personal energy field and see- even beyond how awesome you’ll feel- how much less this strange stuff occurs!

First, let’s start with the fact that we are animated by, created from and operate with energy as the building blocks to all of life.  Scientists have observed and measured various energy fields, including magnetic fields and fields of light, around the human body.  This is not just the purview of metaphysics, this is an actual fact. So, we all do actually glow,  and that glow is measurable.

When your energy fields get weakened, life becomes less sparkling.  Also, we open the energetic door for negativity to enter and take hold in more disruptive ways.

How do energy fields get weakened?   In my experience, everything from incredible negativity or trauma to not eating well or sleeping or exercising can do it.  Feeling misaligned – i.e. knowing you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing- can do it.

Here are many interesting reasons you might want to start strengthening your energy field right now!

You’ll have more energy and feel more awake.

Truly, it’s like a pot of coffee full of energy to have the buzzing greatness of a strong energy field.

It’s a great way to feel more protected from colds.

I have only gotten a cold in the last ten years a few times and each cold occurred when I broke all the habits that keep my own energy field super strong, so I take this one from very personal experience!

Weak energy fields invite piles of little mishaps. 

… like the mysterious dents that appeared on my car, the mail that goes missing, the miscommunications that build up to big issues, the strange forgetfulness you can’t explain… all that sorta menacing constant stuff of feeling out of whack…

You’ll look and feel younger in every way.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to reverse age with heightened personal energy fields.  After all, all of our cells want to thrive and they only thrive in amazing energy.

Creativity flourishes!

Yes it does.  The electricity of art, ingenuity, resourcefulness and fun all flourish when you feel vibrant and inspired.

Your life will be more peaceful.

A strong energy field avoids drama.  Have you ever heard a TV show full of screaming drama when you’re feeling strong and fantastic? It’s pretty impossible to watch, isn’t it?!

Things like meditation and prayer are more mindfully done when your mind is less cluttered, so they have a deeper, more sincere impact.

Meditation and visualization help build a stronger energy field, so it’s a win-win.

Love wins.

Yes, it does.  You’ll see more of what you love around you and you’ll make choices that lean toward all love when your energy is high and strong.

Abundance comes with more ease.

Money is energy… so… your energy brings more money in easily.  Pam Grout, in her book E3, talks about how she fell into the mindset of the Recession in 2008 and writing jobs started slipping away rapidly until one day she started to strengthen her energy field and affirm all kinds of abundance and greatness and live in this space… and, soon after,  her biggest book deal for the book E2 appeared.

+ You are more magnetic. 

With all that charisma, truly, you become a magnet in the greatest ways.

So, how do you build stronger energy fields?

There are profound ways to do this and awesome tools, but the simplest ways are the ones that impact me the fastest:

Sleep.  A whole lot.  Wake without an alarm every day you can.  Get in bed earlier.  Nap.  All of it.

Eat. Don’t get to the point of hungry.  Keep eating whole foods and eat off and with joy.

Smile. Even if you’re not particularly happy at the moment. It will help you get there!

Get in alignment. As in: line up your desires and your actions.  If your desire is a life partner and your action is to stay home every day and night, perhaps that’s making it hard for them to find you?  Wanting a family and staying with a partner who resolutely does not want one… totally out of alignment, you know?  Desiring a fitness routine while eating a bag of chips watching movies every night… you get it.  I get it. We all know this but sometimes fall out of alignment.  Bringing things back in a line is supercharging for energy!

Detox the negativity. This is HUGE.  Negativity- complaining, panicking, gossiping, bad news, fear-spreading- whether you are doing it or listening to it- is all the heavy stuff that spirals things down and makes your energy shrink.  Stay light, stay high and stay clear of that stuff!

And while this is just the start, even one small action can set you on a course for such a high, light, glowing, awesomely radiant life!!!



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