Planters To Inspire You To Layer More Plants Everywhere!

Feb 1, 2017 | Home Style

(west elm)

I’ve been on a big planter quest this week in my mission to bring plants EVERYWHERE in this year of greenery for my clients… and, of course, me, too!  From bathroom planters  in golds to living walls, Mid-Century gloss and color (the above, omg!!!) to handmade baskets… there are just so many ways to go greener with plants, and I’m loving them all!!!


A great planter can be the first step to a great plant collection.  In fact, often in feng shui, first we need to make the space and then the new stuff we’ve been wanting finally appears!

I am longing for some epic macrame for a big window… and this handmade goodie is sleek yet boho.  You’ll be amazed how well a macrame piece mixes even with hyper-modern since it’s so harmonious with nature…!

(Blessing Basket)

I can’t say enough about how much I love the mission of Blessing Basket, their absolute philanthropy… and their gorgeous baskets!   You can use so many of their baskets as planters filled with the best vibes!


These more streamlined golden planters can make their way into an foyer or on a living room side table as both sparkle and nature.  Their vein of gold pattern is both stylized and botanical all at once!


I am jaw-droppingly obsessed with these gold-dipped quartz crystal terrariums for air plants.   Imagine a handful of these bursting with green on your desk?! These would also be incredible for a bathroom!

(williams sonoma)

Your kitchen herbs will love the organization as, when you organize anything- including plants- it’s far easier to care for it lovingly!


Fun dinosaurs for a kids room!  These you can customize and create your own fun universe on a shelf or a display case to liven things up!

And… this is just the start! You can find (or make) planters in punchy colors, dipped in gold, sprayed in clouds… you can braid like wild with macrame or plant a full veggie garden in your front yard for charm and magnetism in giant pots.  You can bring citrus trees inside and you can have your tomatoes hydroponically grown in your kitchen.

Essentially, there is no limit.  I wanted to spark your interest today in the pots and planters so you can make the room to grow more nature.  As nature grows, we all grow!

xoxo Dana


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