Feng Shui To Craft Your Own Version Of Success!

Feb 21, 2017 | Prosperity

If your space is a mirror of your life and your habits, goals and dreams are all a reflection of you, there’s a lot to be said for deliberately setting up your life to create more of what you want.

It’s awesome. It’s so fun.  And it’s success on your own terms.

After spending lots of time this week in New York re-connecting to people and passions and places of my past, I can tell you that what I used to think of lifestyle, success and my role in creating it all has dramatically changed in 15 years.

I used to believe that this network of people and achievements would define and create and support my life and that without it I would never have success…

Does that sound familiar?

But, but by leaving NYC (and my old beliefs and lifestyle) behind to do what felt right rather than what I was told and shown was desired-bright-shiny-glamorous,  I finally became my own version of success… and it happened long before I had a business!

Today, let’s talk about designing a life full of success and how you can deliberately, awesomely craft your role in this world in your own best ways!

Start to define your personal success!

The word “success” is broad, you know?

Your successful life and mine probably look dramatically different.  We all set our own priorities, we all have our own dreams, we’re all on our own track.  But we use the big word “success” to define an overall state of being, and that state usually worth daydreaming about and working incredibly hard to achieve.

Straight from Merriam Webster dictionary, here is the definition of success:


  1. 1 obsolete :  outcome, result

  2. 2a :  degree or measure of succeeding   b :  favorable or desired outcome; also :  the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence

  3. 3 :  one that succeeds

Success is a “favorable or desired outcome.”  I.E.: You want something and you get it, and that means that you’ve succeeded.

Success is NOT: a standard by which you should universally measure your value or worth in comparison to other people, nor is it something that has a set group of requirements or dollar values.

While success is personal, unless you craft your own vision of success, you might default to a general concept (tons of money, fame, etc, etc) that may not even be what you want, at all, and let it craft and define you. And that’s not what you want, some general concept.

Get clear on what matters most (happiness, health, love, family, business, art, spirit, prosperity, all of it) and you’ll be able to focus your energy (all that chi of feng shui) toward building what you want.

Write it out, think it through, feel it out, meditate on it and make sure it’s your version of success, and not someone else’s.  It’s very hard work to fulfill other people’s dreams for you, but it’s very easy fun and a privilege to be able to work toward your own passions!

Align your life toward success in your own way!

I often see this (and do this!), and if you think about it, I bet you do, too:

Someone says incessantly that they want a different life and then steadfastly clings to their usual ways.

Someone talks about going to the gym while sitting on the couch watching hour five of TV.

Someone sees very clearly that a person, a job, a situation or a person is not ethical, kind or on the same track as them in life in ways that matter (deal-breaking ways) and yet continues to be close associates with them.

All of these are just a sliver of the ways we can fall out of alignment in life.

Thinking horrible thoughts about yourself while wishing to feel better is another common one.

See the trend?

The more you align the energy of your life in every way, the more you create momentum and flow!

Stay focused on your side of the road!

Keep your eyes on your own space, thoughts, words and actions.  Comparison does not do anyone any good, especially since success is so truly personal.

There’s a “business school” that teaches people to basically copy people’s business models and methods and then, somehow paradoxically, “make them their own.”  But, basically, from the moment you start looking, investigating, reading and “modeling” other people’s success you’re already in the wrong focus to be original, personal and awesome.

I don’t read many other blogs and none in the realms of all that I do. I have help researching my work in terms of science studies and I don’t even read the blogs that publish them.  I don’t want their influence in any way near my work.  It may be extreme, but I actually want to be myself, for better or worse, and it keeps my eyes on what I’m giving to you, creating for you and how I’m connecting with you = way better than other people’s ideas!

In your home, this vibe of personal success is first and best displayed by putting your signature, your stamp, or as my old teach Al Mancini used to say, your “razzmatazz” in your home design.  Clever candles that have a signature scent,  splashes of color, a forest of plants, big art or tiny details… but make it all your own.

This signature of your style carries into every aspect of life… and it’s totally brilliant + 100% your own!

Crafting success is essentially super-fun, gorgeous and life-lightening!  Once you have a sense of where you’re headed and you get aligned toward your dreams, patterning your style through your life… the “work” toward what you want becomes a fulfilling joy with a whole lot more flow than ever!!!

xoxo Dana

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