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Mar 8, 2017 | Prosperity

You don’t have to look farther than a plant or a tree or a few minutes of watching the artfulness of a sunset to know that there’s so much more majesty than we realize on a daily basis all around us, happening naturally.

Naturally we’d all be tuned in to joy, right?

But, in modern intervention in the flow of natural things we tune into what’s wrong.

That’s how I used to do “upgrades” and “betterment.”

It was a process of: ” I can’t stand this so I need to fix it. This is broken so I need to repair it. This is all wrong and I need to figure out how to make it right. This is outdated and it’s just not good enough but I have to settle until I find the right thing and I need to find it…” 

It was my constant “improvement” speech, all focused on every wrong thing and how wrong it was and how focusing on the wrong would help me deduce in some way an answer or find what was right.

This “everything wrong” focus would pull me so far away from what’s right, it was so convoluted, even though it seemed so practical and reasonable!

If you want to make some upgrades at home, work, in habits, relationships, anything… today’s feng shui is all about upgrading energy in a way that takes away the battle and makes it way easier.  

My life-long approach to making things better was super-well-meaning and yet super-misguided for my own well being. You might be doing what I used to do, and still catch myself doing if I’m in a fuzzy headspace:

I would focus on what’s wrong in order to find solutions and prevent the bad from repeating, and while I would find a “solution” sometimes in this focus, I’d also find a whole lot more that was wrong with me, with people around me, with my home, with everything… and this was somewhat endless.

It made self-improvement — and all improvement— similar to rolling a boulder up a mountain. A few steps forward and then, without constant vigilance, it would all slide back as more force of the wrong pushed back against me.

In a state of total surrender, having worked just so hard to fix things that I sort of gave up, I remembered this idea that I used to laugh off as very lightweight when it came to “important” things…

And that was really the thing that made upgrades, improvements and growth and all the decorating and creating and sharing all take this big turn in the right direction.

This is the core of it all, if you haven’t seen this video yet…

Ok, so that’s pretty helpful, feel-good and much less of a struggle.

But… then… I really wanted to know how to make more of the things I did every day more in line with what I wanted!  

I mean, I couldn’t ignore things like chores, errands, administration and other “less creatively magical” parts of my life that still needed to be done. I couldn’t just switch off and believe that a fairy would come and wash my dishes and go to the annual physical exam and do all the other stuff I didn’t want to do…!

So, I started playing around with the idea of joy as a part of everything.

Color, joy, giving, creating, food, sharing, love, art…these are the fun things. So, how could I make what I didn’t want to do more alive with that glitter and fun?

I needed to infuse them with new energy.

You can infuse anything with new energy. It’s all a decision. Great healers say that energy follows imagination and intention, so… snap into that state of mind and start imagining how you can bring more joy to the things you really don’t enjoy at the moment.

  • I started doing things like washing the dishes and running errands while talking to friends and catching up on inspiring lectures and podcasts…
  • I use coloring books to create more fun and games where things felt like a chore that needed to be finished.
  • I walk away from things and take breaks when they feel too forced or overly complex, realizing that going deeper into confusion was not really helpful!
  • And… I started setting real intentions every day to see the great in things around me and expand that greatness. When I stop doing this, I start to flounder and get back to it! This naturally moved me away from things that were just not for me, and got me in a whole new spin of expecting the awesome and seeing more of it multiplied everywhere I looked.

How can you add more of the good stuff to the things that have to get done that you don’t want to do? 

It’s now really fun to see where I can create more clear space and grow and let things go and not judge and spin on what’s not going right and not dive into the dark hole of problems…

Layering what you want- the joy and color and fun- energetically into everything you do is a wildly fun process.

Soon, you’ll see nothing but things you’re grateful to see all around you.

Yes: this is a big deal.

A reason to let yourself focus on the good while things keep getting better!



P.S.: If you’re ready to take the energy around you to the next level, detox the negativity and make space for joy, the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox is here for you.

THE JOY IMMERSION is a commitment to happy-making, mirror-polishing, life-lifting and simple space shifting for 30 days. It’s loaded with lots of actions that can help you detox from your own negative stuff, uncover more of your greatness and light, and see happiness everywhere you look…!

There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


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It’s the guide I made for you to create your own personalized Feng Shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.

It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.

It’s filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer Feng Shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week Feng Shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE… 

And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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