One Feng Shui Way To Greatly Expand The Abundance That Is Everywhere!

Mar 18, 2017 | Prosperity

(***for every Grosche coffee + tea product you buy, they donate 50+ days of clean drinking water for people in need! )

I’m about to head over to the International Housewares Association  Home + Housewares show in Chicago that takes over a good part of the city for the weekend. It’s one of my favorite trips each year and this one- packed with a fresh focus to find the best innovations for all of you along with the most conscious brands that are making an impact upon the world- had me up early daydreaming and grabbing tea at sunrise on the lake with a buzzing mind.

My most exciting part of this particular afternoon is the Give Back series I am creating for Inspired Home, interviewing brands that have a very strong philanthropic initiative.


This, I have realized quite quickly in the last 10 years, is such a huge tidal wave of momentum toward abundance.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe to have business success that lasts you have to be selling something good (or have a great service you offer), and you need to organize and stay focused… but… really, when the idea is that you are creating to give back to the community, to the people in your locality, to your clients, to the people around you… this is supercharging.

(blessing basket provides a prosperity wage to it’s female basket weaving artists in Africa)

Give with your heart.  If you’re giving for the sake of a photo opportunity or a tax write off, that’s all well and good, but that’s not the kind of energy that will help you to soar.  Both are fine… but make sure you also engage your emotions to feel the true transformation of giving.

I have a friend who likes to tithe a percentage of her income to her temple. When she told me (reluctantly, it’s something she never shares publicly)  how much she gives- a whopping 20% of her income- I was impressed and intrigued. She told me that until she started giving back to the places that matter most and help her the most, her income was level… and now… it’s always rising.

Another friend dove in and started an animal rescue and watched every other part of her life rise to a new level.

There are many ways to give back, and as I type this I’m reminding myself of many of them.

There is this great big billionaire initiative called The Giving Pledge.  You can read some of the pledges here, with billionaires giving all of their wealth to charity over a lifetime or a few.

It is so motivating to see the billions being focused toward the responsibility of changing the world in powerfully good ways.

You may not have a ton of cash to donate or a big cause to rally behind this very moment… but you likely have friends that could use help with things, a community that could use a volunteer, a charity that needs manpower, animals that need love and so much more.

I know, you don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy and maybe you just have to work so much that you can’t imagine doing one more thing.

This is what stopped me for years from ever moving beyond myself and my insular world that was deep on fixing and deep in my own things… too much need, too many problems, too busy, too tired…

Dare to clear that clutter of excuses to carve out an hour to volunteer or a single give-back action a week.

Just one.

If you do it… you might find that the action itself brings you more energy and power.

It also expands your sphere of influence and engagement energetically.

Imagine that glowing aura of yours expanding outward to include more love, compassion and empathy in action.

That is the energy that brings in the radiance of money and all kinds of prosperity… and it’s the energy that is unlimited and available to all of us, right this minute!

If you want more, you may want to give more in whatever way you can…and let that momentum carry you forward in so many incredible ways!

xoxo Dana

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