Do You Know What Your Dream Life Looks Like?

Apr 1, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

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It’s so interesting that I talk to hundreds of people about their homes and their dreams- these really impassioned conversations- and so very few people can explain what they want and what it looks like.

It’s not surprising to me because that’s how I lived for many many years- in a desperate need of an abstract notion of success that would arrive and make things finally feel better.

I realized that people who had a very clear picture of the kinds of homes and lifestyles and creative aspirations they wanted didn’t necessarily “get anything mystically faster” than anyone else… but they were way more chill in the process of doing things… and they seemed to be way more resourceful, clever and, well, they got things done.

It’s easier to build a lego house, for example, if you have a general sense of what it looks like in your mind. Otherwise, you’ll start pulling up the bricks as you lay them down, wondering of maybe it should be wider… or taller… or a U-shape… and suddenly you’ve spent so much time re-doing and re-thinking everything that you never get the house built and you need to move on to something else…

And that’s why, on the most practical level, I’ve come to see that it’s so vital to know what you’re building… and keep adding to the vision as you go. Sure, you can scrap some plans… but overall, you will be clear.

Do you know what your dreams look like?

Not even in a giant-vision-board sense but in the most simplistic, easy sense…

What do you want your home to look like? 

What do you want your mornings to look like? 

What is in your refrigerator? 

What kind of people, animals and art is around you? 

Easy stuff, and so very big to know for yourself.

Once you know what you’re working toward… let it be a guide and not a whole lot of pressure.

This sums it up:

There’s no minimum or maximum age requirement on deciding what you want and need. There’s no limits involved when you’re thinking of this stuff. But it’s so great to know what works for you and let it give you clarity.

I’ve been in a space of clearing and planning and I got hit with a lightning bolt of ideas that I’ve never had before that feel so good that I am running with them.

That seems to be the most reliable litmus test: how do you feel when you think of something?

There’s your right answer.

Assemble those good feelings into a little list, a wish jar, a Pinterest board… and let them be your guide to creating every day.

Find ways to bring them closer. A friend wanted to live in a famous architectural house and found a way to housesit there for nearly a year. An internship or apprenticeship can make something that seems foreign and delightful very familiar in your reality. Practicing a craft extra-long every day is way better than thinking about one day being able to have that craft be a full-time job.

This is all patterning energy and being cause over what you’re creating.

You’re not waiting for a mystic manifestation. You are making the mystic manifestation happen.

Have fun with this… as it’s all in the service of fun!

xoxo Dana

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