Empower Your Days By Focusing On The Small Things!

Apr 3, 2017 | Creativity


These little glittery balls of wonder are born inside holes in lava rocks that incidentally start growing geodes. That’s a pretty magical thing to happen inside small bubbles in cooling liquid ash, you know?

We have those same little bubbles of opportunity every day to start the growth of beautiful things as magical as geodes. From when you wake up till your head hits a pillow every day there are the moment-by-moment bubbles of time to see things, to smile, to start conversations, to pick up the pile of laundry, to pull out your art supplies, jot down a poem, snap a photo… There are all these opportunities to get away from our setting on “automatic” and become fully present and creating greatness in all these bubbles in the flow of the day.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about the empowerment in small moments we choose to fill with greatness. 

This says it all: productive instead of busy. It really is a simple call to scan over your day and see what you do so that you seem to be doing a whole lot even when nothing being done is really necessary.

I bet there are a few areas where you’re life is stuffed with stuff to do that keeps you very busy in “work” and all that work accomplishes very little.

I can tell you for me a few of my own busy habits— like surfing online for design inspiration when I am tired (and, really, anything I do when I am really tired is a waste of time in my life), spending a good part of the morning deciding what to eat when I have waited too long and I’m already hungry, doing lots of extra chores that I could do in a few minutes online, talking about problems to solve with loads of people (a big one I had to break!) instead of staying present and creative…Skirting around doing things instead of just doing them… A whole load of hours can get swallowed up in all kinds of “busy” stuff that amounts to nothing in my own life if I’m not present.

So, let’s just say you decided to stay on task and be really committed to whatever you have to do.

That’s wonderful, you know?!

But, if you’re too “on task” you may start to feel a little robotic. And that’s not “present” either.

I’ve rolled my eyes many times about “time management” because it makes me feel imprisoned.   Same with keeping a calendar with just so much time to complete creative projects. It doesn’t work for me. It’s like saying… at 2:30pm, your creative impulses must cease even if the thing you’re doing isn’t done yet.

Instead… I started listing out what I needed to complete each day that felt exciting… and I started embracing all the bubbles of time between things – and during them!) to start seeding more magic in life.

In that creative lapse where there are no great ideas flowing, wouldn’t it be cool to do a drawing lesson from You Tube? Or finally learn how to use that foam roller? Or go get a tea and see who I can meet and get to know better? Smile at people on the street during a walk? Make a wish list. Visualize. Play some chess.

There are these bubbles of time while commuting… and they can be full of audio books, mind-stretching games, wonderful conversations…

And the spaces of time when you’re doing things like making the bed, doing the laundry… Could they be more fun if you shook out your sheets and sprayed them with a crystal elixir… or did the laundry with a sense of flourish and some aromatherapy added in the mix?

Every single small thing, and all the spaces between things that feel big, are all opportunities to tune in, to get connected, to rest, to explore…

Every one of those moments you’re tempted to act on “automatic” can be a place to start acting more deliberately and more creatively.

I don’t write the blog each day until I feel a sort of electricity flowing. That electricity starts with my morning tea and notebook, making the bed, playing with the dogs, a quick shower in essential oils, my morning Buddhist altar tended to… these small things that set me on a “right path” are all organic. Sometimes they switch order, sometimes they change…but there’s always something in these bubbles of space that steer me in the right way…

It’s game-changing to find your best ways to fill the bubbles in life with magic. Like Bob on my lap right now snoring, and the trip to explore a new neighborhood a little later, a new kind of orange I found at the store that I can’t wait to peel open…

What fills you with a feeling of fun? What can you notice more? What can you do instead of forcing yourself to be busy that can be spacious and relaxing? What can you re-capture, play with or learn about? Who can you meet, where can you go, what can be wonderful and interesting…?

Whatever helps you become present that doesn’t feel like a chore – something that is really fun!- is something excellent.

Whatever lights you up is something empowering, no matter what it is!

After many years of helping people (and myself!) shift off of automatic I have noticed that these little blasts of happiness tend to evolve… and these moments of greatness tend to become somehow a domino effect of good… and the spaces between things become more and more sacred… and so many new ideas and inspiration builds…

This is all Feng Shui in the best possible ways, and you won’t find it in books. You’ll find it in these moments that only you can capture.

xoxo Dana

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