Naturally Beautifying Oils & So Many Ways To Use Them!

Apr 11, 2017 | The Beautiful

essential oils

Given the fact that, with the exception of my skincare routine (which used to be all oils, too!) I use oils for everything from body moisturizer to hair serum (+ even a hair dye additive!) to lashes to nails… all fortified by natural oils!

While my passion for aromathrapy grows and I am learning that art form to share in my own ways, today, super-simple, mostly edible, completely natural oils are a big boost for beauty routines!


To elaborate on the great round-up above and add more of my favorites—

Castor Oil.  HERE are the best ways I have found to use Castor Oil. I swear it makes my hair grow faster (*some believe the best variety for hair growth is Jamaican Black Castor Oil.)  I love it for super-moisurizing lips and feet (with big thick socks) after a pedicure or between them to keep skin soft and cuticles healthy.

Rosehip Oil (along with very high potency Vitamin E oil capsules poked with a pin)  is my classic favorite eye cream and “serum” before I started using supercharged Murad serums to reverse skin damage beneath the surface.  Once that damage is gone I’ll be back to deep oil treatments at night!

Virgin Coconut Oil on wet skin = super moisturizer.  I also sware by it as my makeup remover whenever I wear makeup. I am also convinced that we all have to eat more of it- in smoothies and such- to keep skin glowing.

Argan oil.  Argan oil love starts HERE.   I recently learned to use argan oil in my hair dye. When my hair turns brassy from the sun in LA I use a cola colored natural dye (as I’m about to do today since my hair is completely rust colored in a non-chic way!) and add pure argan oil  either to the dye (a few drops) or to my hair beforehand (a few drops) to really infuse health into my hair when it’s been sun bleached.

Olive oil I have used with amazing results as a bath oil (super-moisturizing) and mixed with castor oil or coconut oil (or both!) as a hot oil treatment for hair at the spa or for a massage at home when it’s warm and the oils can penetrate!

Sesame oil is the best massage oil, for me particularly for this herbal, warm oil healing massage.  That said, if you learn about this self-massage technique HERE  you’ll see that many oils may work for you.

Experiment with oils in place of perfumed lotions and you’ll find you can use much less oil than cream, more invigorating, and, on moist skin, you’ll find that you’re likely far more hydrated and your skin more glowing.

Factor in the wellness properties of many of these oils (like the Ayruvedic self massage, wow, or the body calming, anti-inflammatory castor oil…) and you’ll find many more reasons to mix oils into your grooming + beauty routines…!

xoxo Dana



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