Play Time Is The Most Important Time Of The Day!

Apr 12, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

(these jess weymouth watercolors are an obsession of mine!)

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein


Play is as important- of not more important- than work. When work can be play, well, that’s winning on every level.

Dr. Stuart Brown did a brilliant TED talk on playing. Researchers have studied playing and productivity. Playing makes you happier overall. It can increase your longevity, improve your mind, de-stress your body and bring you more wellbeing on every level.

When’s the last time you had real play time?!

You may be setting aside more time than ever before, as playing is truly life-changing! 

(jess weymouth)

First Things First summarizes in the best way: “The National Institute for Play believes that play can dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children and the capacity of our corporations to innovate.”

That’s pretty amazing.

All from having fun!!!

Stuart Brown examined  6,000 ‘play histories’ of people. He found that those people that didn’t play were, “often joyless, workaholics and, at their core, depressed.”

Play, by the way, is herein defined as a sober activity and full of positive energy. Modern ways to define “adult play” are often depicted as a ton of cocktails and nightclubs, drugs, gambling… you know, the stereotypical weekend in Las Vegas scenario. That is not the kind of play we’re talking about.   The kind of play we’re talking about… travel…adventure… time off from work to daydream… sports… art-making… time with animals, surf, beaches, hikes… seeing friends… crafts…cooking… dinners… this kind of play!

BrightHR, Brilliant Human Resources Management and Professor Sir Cary Cooper found that playtime at work enhances motivation, increases productivity and reduces the amount of sick days taken by an employee.   Fun at work can include, but is not limited to charity fundraising, yoga, board games, birthday parties and massages.

The amount of fun had a direct effect on the amount of days employees took off of work.

It was reported HERE that: “…62 per cent of employees who had had no sick days in the last three months having had fun at work.”  While, “58 percent of those who had not experienced workplace fun had been off sick for 11 or more days, compared to 42 percent of those who had.”

They also found that, “Employees currently taking part in fun activities in their organization were significantly more likely to have had greater psychological well-being in the last three months than those who didn’t.”


Ready to play more?

I know I am. Painting, beach time, swimming in the ocean, spa, writing more, and so many crafts and… all of it…!

Let yourself have even a little bit of guilt-free time off or away… and then more…and more…!

xoxo Dana

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