The More Options You Have The Happier You Are Likely To Be!

Apr 12, 2017 | Creativity

Options are more important that I thought.

In fact, I just got back from the grocery store when I heard this amazing TED talk incidentally that answered my question — “Do we need so many options?!”

Yes. Yes we do.

Perhaps we don’t need an incredible number of options every single day for every single thing as that can lead to real decision fatigue (you can get tired from making too many decisions!) but by having options available there’s always something for everyone.

For years I’ve gotten my share of sideways glances when I say that I don’t do feng shui classically, or even how it was taught to me. I use a whole lot of the principles which I’ve used the “science” of working with these ideas for 10 years to alter greatly all I do to suit all my own skills and get far more electrically exciting products… and then, there’s an element that can’t be quantified in every consultation:

All of you … and your perception…  is uniquely your own. Plus there are a loves and needs and realities of your family, your animals, your plants … and all of this matters.

We all like what we like, even if we can’t express it.  

The most fascinating of this Malcolm Gladwell story is that there’s something for everyone, not everyone can “explain” what they want in words (but we all deeply know…) and there’s not one size fits all.

Diverse options lead to everyone being happy.

I love the analogy of spaghetti sauce provided below. If my grandma were here, she’d be yelling at the screen and rolling her eyes because she had her very own idea of what good sauce actually was, and it didn’t come from a jar!

Here’s an amazing way to look at the idea of choices and how unique we are and what we actually want. I was most taken by the fact that most people (myself included) can’t articulate what we actually want lots of the time even though we deep-down know it when we see it!

On every level, the more we can be ourselves and allow others to have their own options, everyone wins.

Lately I’ve spun this out into options for where to live— and with every exploration I have a broader view of my next steps and a feeling of greater freedom.  I’ve also looked at this from a creative standpoint and more options creatively has made me feel so much more excited…

If something isn’t working as it is, maybe some variety can help make it more right for you?!  I’ve done… beach walks instead of city walks (world of difference, I love the beach), painting with watercolors instead of acrylics, having chewable vitamins instead of pills… Small differences, but… the same walking, painting + vitamins get accomplished… I’m just happier now.

If you’ve gotten into a rut or you aren’t satisfied with things, expand your vision of what’s possible.  Put more jars of spaghetti sauce on the shelves!

xoxo Dana


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