The Benefits & Beauty Of Pastel Coloring Living!

Apr 13, 2017 | Feng Shui 101, Home Style


For quite some time now I’ve been toying with Palm Springs life and I am not sure that the desire to create a home there will fade —it’s so fun and warm… and it’s all PASTEL.  While my 20’s house isn’t quite Mid Century Modern, there are lots of features that lend themselves to pastel… like the loads of windows and super-high ceilings with arched entranceway… I think my mint sofa will finally be turning dusty rose velvet soon,  pillows in big white & turmeric tie dye and walls full of watercolors.  My wood table may just become marble-topped and the cane chairs might get some watercolor cushions.

This plan has been evolving as I’ve been clearing, revamping and restructuring life so it’s more fun to live every moment of it. We all have to keep on creating the new.  I am extremely excited for this switch- hopefully over the Summer…!

Gradually I’ll be doing it now.

Gathering up the pastels should be super-fun. And there’s a big reason for it—

Pastels are mentally focusing.  They are space-clearing colors.  They are like a chill pill for the mind.  They are easy to live with. They lift up a room energetically.  Adding softness.  Grace. Sophistication.  Oh, and they are neutral, but far more appealing often times than, say, brown or grey. 

Pastels are the superstars of today’s inspiration.


Lemony, pinky, soft and sweet.  If you can’t change your wall color, what about a tapestry?!


The wilder side of pastel turquoise.  Pastels are actually the best tones to use for “urban jungle” decor in a feng shui sense, and single I have hyroponic gardens and more trees coming this season, the lighter and brighter will be welcome.


Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a new refrigerator!

(urban outfitters)

Simple touches like a shower curtain and a bath mat can be fully-inspired room transformation.


Coral-esque painted brick makes for the ultimate in simple sweetness.

Lots of ideas.  And to the list you can add just about anything- from lampshades to throw blankets, picture frames to mirrors, plant pots to curtains… and they all add that lightness of being to every space.

xoxo Dana


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