Make The Choices Every Day That Allow You To Keep Growing & Expanding!

Apr 20, 2017 | Creativity, Prosperity

There’s no fighting the fact that nothing actually stays the same.

Everything is in a state of change.

Our cells are either in growth or protection against invaders.

No single thing- from a creative endeavor to a relationship to a houseplant- can stay frozen in time.

Things move up or they move down, even if it’s barely perceptible at first.

Granted, there are spirals, strange dips in the graph of statistics at times or unforeseen challenges that change the general trend… but the general trend can still be moving up. And up. And up.

Today’s feng shui is all about making choices to keep growing, no matter what’s happening, and keep that momentum growing like a snowball of greatness!

Rather than imagine that I know the best ways for you (or for me) to choose to live in positive ways, I like to ask a set of questions when things lapse into a down trend that can lead to some interesting up-shifts! These simple questions have brought me out of many a spiral off the grid and helped me get on paths to more growth in many ways!

Where can you maintain things better? 

Everything needs a little maintenance. Some things need a lot of maintenance.

Most things could use cleaning on some level- be it physical, mental, emotional or energetic.

The first time I was asked this- about 11 years ago- I realized I had no idea of my bank balance, I had no idea when the last time was that I exercised and I hadn’t read a book in 6 months or so. I hadn’t called many friends in a long time. I was beyond rusty on creative writing, going for years without writing a worthy word. I was… also… feeling like no matter what I did that I was broken, perhaps unworthy and nothing worked out for me in a lapse of 5 years that became increasingly harder to navigate by the day.

Being far out of maintenance can do that to us, tossing us so far off our center that it becomes a Herculean chore to do simple things. Like a car without maintenance might start breaking down in various ways that could have been easily prevented, we, too, can melt down in ways that are easy to avoid with some simple upkeep.

( … & as I type this I realize I have maintenance to schedule for two big things— there’s a lot to maintain!)

In a state of total duress (which was once the only teacher I had back then = total crisis was my motivator) I started confronting and creating ways to maintain things that were out of control or in great decline, one by one. Some things required a lot of practice and patience, some were easier… and every single thing I did brought so much energy back to life it became a source of pride to get things done and more things done. Finally, maybe for the first time ever, I really feel like I had my life together in ways that were so grounding and great that I started to feel worthy of good things again…!

Maintenance is a way of choosing growth.

Whatever’s been in a state of disarray may just need a new maintenance plan.

Where can you choose calm instead of stress?

This is a big thing: Nothing “needs” to be stressful. Even if it’s uncomfortably new, temporarily a bit scary or otherwise unsettling, nothing needs to be stressful.

I watched a brilliant speech recently by Dr. Bruce Lipton and he explained that our “fight or flight” hormones were designed to protect us in ancient times from the random, occasional dinosaur attack or the like situation when we were cave-dwelling. These rushes of adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones released during stress take a huge toll on the body, but it’s worthwhile if we are in real danger so that we act appropriately and rapidly. The problem, though, is that modern society lives under a dinosaur attack 20 times a day as you live with high stress phone calls, emails, social media, stress-fueled jobs, a disconnection from loved ones, all kinds of stresses…

But they are a choice.

If you believe that a deadline is a fun challenge, you likely won’t go into a state of panic. 

If you believe that same deadline is as serious as your job and your whole life on the line… that stress response will begin. 

I know it’s easy to say and harder to implement, especially since I lived my life thinking if I didn’t feel all that stress rushing through my body that I wasn’t working hard enough and really wasn’t worthy of success.

Sound familiar?

Given where that led me heath-wise, I hope you can start to consciously choose to join me in keeping calmer!

How can you be nicer to yourself? 

I could:  talk to myself much nicer…I could forgive myself for one huge mistake I made… Stop working at night… see friends more… walk the dog longer… I could get massages… go back to the spa… make body scrubs in the kitchen again…Green smoothies, ice cream…New vitamins, new shoes…

What does your list look like?

Take a pen and paper and free write the answer to this compelling question – How can you be nicer to yourself? – and you’ll have pages of ways to choose growth every single day!

Every little bit of maintenance, every bit of order created, every thing that gets sorted, every plant that’s watered and walk that you take after dinner…all that great maintenance… it all leads to more and more upward movement, expansion and growth!

Simple as it may seem, these little things can change everything!

xoxo Dana

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