Feng Shui To Free Yourself Of Patterns That Hold You Back

May 6, 2017 | Prosperity

Abundance is the dream, right? Abundance of love, money, health, freedom, happiness, creativity…

There’s never been a request from a client or a need from anyone I’ve ever met that didn’t have to do with wanting, in some way, more abundance. I am in that same boat. We all want to expand in some ways. And along with the expanding, lots of us long to be free of some sort of cycle that either quite obviously or more quietly keeps happening that holds things back.

If your home and your habits outwardly are a mirror of yourself and your energies on the inside, shifting things on the outside can support you on the inside. Similarly, shifting things energetically for yourself on the inside will shift things on the outside.

The best part about making these changes no matter how you make them: you can feel life is expanding every step of the way and the energy becomes more free-flowing around you!

Undoing cycles and stuckness is not fixing a broken self… it’s just opening up life more. It’s unloading stuff. It’s sort of relaxing in feeling more that its grit and clenching teeth.

I’ve un-done many a self-defeating cycle and while I have my own to confront still, I can tell the difference between my own readiness to be free of things and my readiness to talk about being free of things. Personally, when I’m ready to be done with something, it’s less of a conversation and more of a step-by-step decision to take daily steps and let the universe re-organize itself with my help.

This can be super-freeing.

And here are a few more energy principles that I’ve found freeing in that very personal process of letting go of what’s been in the way.

High energy moves things forward + upward.  This has been studied. People may tell you, “Don’t make big decisions when you’re in a crisis.” It’s easy to ignore that reasoning because when you’re in a state of frenzy and feeling horrible, there seems to be an adrenaline to make sweeping changes. In my experience, everything I’ve seen done from that place — from ripping up carpets to moving across the country to quitting a job on the spot— can be more disorienting than freeing. Try to lift yourself up by focusing on the higher and lighter, flooding your life with love and self care, and, from that place, if the carpets are ripped up, you book that flight to a new home or you quit that job, you’ll know it was for the highest and best good.

It’s not about anyone else. You are only responsible for you (and your dependents, pets and small children).   Take the feelings that anyone else can do anything to you without your participation out of the equation and see how that feels.

Hiding in helping others is a big way to get stuck- and keep them stuck, too. Over-responsibility for others and their actions hold everything in place. I get that your friend with an addiction may seem to stay sober when you are around, but unless you are a “sober coach” professionally, your job is not to be someone’s sobriety, 24-7. That’s an extreme example, but one I experienced vivid enough to finally drive it home that I had to stop being overly-responsible for people. I did this with a friend— became an unofficial reason and cause of sobriety. Every time I would step away for a moment, the bottle of booze came back. I used this over-responsibility to hide from my own grief over losing my mom and my own fears about how my family was coping with the loss. If I saved someone, that was noble. But, it was such a lost cause. And a big lesson.

Give in exchange.  Have you been giving wayyyy too much and receiving very little? Or taking wayyyy too much and giving back very little? In feng shui, red envelopes are a way to energize the transaction of money or well-wishes so that everyone is empowered in the exchange.   In fact, the act of giving becomes the greatest form of making abundance happen, and it happens on both ends of the transaction. In the Cash Camp feng shui immersion in $$$ (!!!) , all the stuff holding back financial abundance gets streamlined and cleared away so that this flow of exchange becomes even.

It’s some form of clutter.  Always, it’s a form of clutter, whatever is holding back abundance or creativity or wellbeing of any kind. What can you clear?

If you aren’t moving forward, in some way you likely aren’t allowing it. I never could understand this idea of allowing because I had no idea how to relax. Allowing = relaxing. Allowing = trusting more. Allowing = cultivating faith. Allowing is sometimes a very vulnerable feeling. Surround yourself with super-high vibe happy people, places and things and you’ll more readily relax into more allowing.

Fear something & it becomes powerful. So… maybe it’s time to stop projecting into the future to see what could go wrong or ignoring your intuition?

If you can take away the noise, you can see your own patterns that may be more silent. If you clean house you may find a lot of insight bubbling up along the way.

One last thought of the day, a vintage You Tube on expecting and getting better from your life:

Enjoy every step you take that moves things forward…!



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