Feng Shui To Help You Build Wealth (Or More Of Anything You Need)!

May 23, 2017 | Prosperity


Some people have no problem bringing in the abundance they need… but find it more challenging to actually keep what they make. It comes in, and flows out, in and out… And after a while, even if you’re super grateful that it keeps coming in, it’s demoralizing that after making so much money you have nothing to show for it in terms of actual savings, investment or anything else!

When I talk about accumulating wealth, I am not talking about selfishly hoarding or miserly living (neither is really conductive to the flow of money that is easier and without stress!), but, rather, having more than enough of anything you need— be it actual money, energy, resources, relationships, self-care routines— to always feel stable and supported in every way.

Some of us weren’t given extra (or any) money, resources, opportunities or tools to go out and build a prosperous life, so if you’re not in a place with a huge abundance right now, you’re not alone and there’s no need to blame yourself or feel destined to always feel like you’re on shaky ground.   Also, there are a zillion great reasons why you haven’t been able to get ahead of yourself, even where self-care and sleep are concerned, to build up your energy reserves.

Life is not all a ball of perfection, but a few feng shui principles may help you start to think of building a reserve of all that you need as a normal thing to start right now, rather than something super-far out of reach. 

If you look at money the way that the philosophy of feng shui views money- purely as energy– you can start to see things from fresh perspective. If you need to build up more of this energy… you have to be able to contain it, feel safe and comfortable with it, and recognize that you are worthy of it.

You’ve heard some of this before, I bet.

And no matter how much you tried to think of money as energy, it’s not really enough.

Decide you’ll do the work. Education and illumination of your own patterns with wealth (or love, or anything else you need but can’t seem to get a handle on) is a big deal.

See where your energy is going all day.  One of the more revealing things is to look at where you actually spend your time. Back when I found myself complaining that for all my hard work I had little to show for it, I was actually shocked when I did a tally of how many hours I actually spent working and how much time I spent doing other things (including worry, complaining and wasting time online in a warp zone). It was about half as much time as I thought. Yet I was sure that I was working so much. I wasn’t working that much… but I was spending lots of energy!

This perspective from Bruce Lipton changed my perception of money in a really profound way that translated into action. 

Try raising your energy levels. Self-care is one of the more prosperous things you can do for yourself, and it can help you to curb spending energy (and money) in mindless ways as we tend to these days. Eat an extra salad every day, rest more, get to bed earlier – well before midnight (this is a method in Traditional Chinese Medicine to rejuvenate much more) and see if you have a greater sense of grounded calm in your days. Are you as compelled to spend? Do you feel more “full” and “fulfilled” without extra stuff?

Make space for new opportunities…! You’ve heard about clearing clutter more than a few times from me  (!) but today, I suggest decluttering your office space deeply. In the process, you may uncover how your present workflow holds you back and slows you down (as I have!) or you may see how many unfinished projects are taking up bandwidth. The process is revealing! You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities to expand can come in easily when you first let go of all the stuff that’s been unmanaged in your work life!

And… stay in the flow of accumulating energy in positive ways. Save up even a dollar a week in a jar and see what happens. This is a really big deal. You can put it on your desk. See the money accumulate! This makes a big difference…!

More energy, more love, more of everything you need!

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