The Marshmallow Challenge & The Force Of Creative Synergy!

May 25, 2017 | Prosperity

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How well do you work with others? How well do you collaborate?

Design is a collaborative endeavor.  What I do in feng shui is totally collaborative. Sometimes we try things and then try new things to find the awesome best answer to a challenging space.  I am not a fan of hearing that there’s just one way to do something (as the dogmatic parts of feng shui say that there are…), so I don’t promote those limited ideas.

In my online Camps- the Catalyst Camp and soon the Cash Camp– everyone collaborates that is up for the collaboration.  Given that I did not think of myself as a “group person” by nature, it took me so many years to approach making these Camps. Now, I’m a group person beyond all things.  These very dear groups in my life have been a personal revolution for me, and I owe every one of the members around the world so much for all the ways that they’ve helped me to learn and grow.  In awesome groups, I feel the synergy and acceleration.

I decided quickly that my role was more of a guider and less of a teacher in these groups; I wasn’t a fan of being “talked at” so I imagined that no one else liked it either!   The less “teaching”  I did and the more collaborative I was in each group, the more the big wins started rolling and the ah-ha moments arrived.

I didn’t plan any of the way this went… I just figured it out as it unfolded every day.

A few very educated and well-meaning people offered me unsolicited advice because they wanted to help me expand my business.  They decided that I was, in a nutshell— too available to people, too accessible and too little of a strong authority figure because I wanted to get to know everyone.


Yes, basically, I was being told that I was wrong to be myself.

It was an “interesting” critique. And, I ignored it fully because not only was it not advice I asked for, it’s the Tao of Dana on the top of this blog and without me living with my values intact, it’s just not worth doing it.

If you watch the video below, it explains in awesome metaphor and brilliant detail what happens when people stop working together and start trying to dominate one another, the folly that happens when they are dying to win but unable to play as a team… and just how inflexible most of the more “astute” professionals can be.  It also explains a whole lot about the power of trying things and figuring out the best ways to go as you go.

It also makes a good case for avoiding dogma and rigid thinking and it also highlights the power of synergy in creative teams.

I had no idea about the Marshmallow Challenge but I plan to do it one day very soon. I wonder if we can all do this online ?!

Even if you aren’t guiding a group or leading a team, it’s so super-invaluable to be able to creatively play and synergize. I might be a feng shui master, but I am always learning so much that’s new… and while I am very very far from a master guide, I’m always looking for ways to do all this stuff of collaborating and making together much better.

Let’s all learn to make super-tall global community of marshmallow towers together!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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