The Life-Changing Law Of Cause & Effect!

Jun 4, 2017 | Prosperity

Thousands of hours of research over 10+ years and thousands of blog posts, clients and hundreds of hours of video-making later… this is what I can say with clarity:

The core principle of Cause & Effect is beneath everything I do.  It’s the underpinning, the soul, of everything I do and share… and it’s the principle behind making the kind of changes that last.

It’s science, it’s philosophy… it’s empowering, unlimited and, for all it’s complexity, it’s simple to apply to every day!

lotus flower

Thoughts, words and actions are considered the Causes we make in life.

According to the principle of Cause and Effect, for every Cause, there will be an Effect.  In science it’s been shown, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Your home and environment and your whole life reflects both causes & the effects.

Clean your home and you’ll feel the beneficial life-brightening, mind-clearing effects for hours or even days afterward.

That’s an easy one to see.

But, when things feel off or you want to grow or change or fix something that’s hard to confront and feels stuck in place… that’s where it’s easy to say cause & effect don’t work.

If you think about it, if there’s a mess, let’s say, in a closet… there were clearly some causes made that created that mess.

Maybe things were thrown in that closet because there was no time to be more meticulous.  Maybe you’ve been told you’re messy and took on that belief and started to act that way over time.  Whatever it is… in some way you’ve actively partcipated in the creation of it, or it wouldn’t be there, right? Even if someone else dumped in the clothes, you didn’t hang them up… And… so… 

The mess didn’t mystically happen. I mean… it may feel mystical, unfair, puzzling…  But, something happened to make the closet messy.

The good news is that the solution to the messy closet is pretty simple at it’s core:

Cleaning the closet is the immediate solution to a messy closet.

Whoa!  I bet you didn’t think of that?! 🙂

Clearing up the closet mess itself is also likely when you’ll realize why the mess happened.

I see it often like this:   the messy closet, and so many other messy things that are problematic, don’t get solved directly.  These messes can be grouped into a big pile of “as soon as I fix myself or know how it happened in every way  I can make these messes go away.”

It’s why I’ve gotten stuck.

It’s why I’ve put off big things in my life.

It’s why I’d dedided I would be limited to “just so much” of all kinds of progress.

When I had a very messy life, and saw it getting messier by the day in every way, I wanted to know why, I wanted to know how it happened and wanted to dig into my psychology and root out whatever it was that caused the mess BEFORE I cleaned it up.

You don’t need to know every single cause and reason for every effect happening in your life in order to make things better.

If you try to analyze why to know precisely what things caused the mess and what issues you may have in your behavior to address or what’s off balance in your life that will explain to you exactly why that mess was created… the mess will keep piling up in the meantime.

There’s a famous Buddhist parable about a man who was shot by a poison arrow. He was taken to a doctor to get the arrow removed but he demanded to know why and how it happened and exactly who was removing it and while he tried to find all of this out… the arrow full of poison continued to poison his body.

It was very eye opening for me to hear this.

Because I didn’t think that I really created the mess in my life in full (I liked to this that my parents, my friends, other people’s bad intentions toward me and much more were the source of my messes…) I didn’t want to clean it up until I knew who or what created it.

That was my own poison arrow. I let my life fall into an abyss while I looked to find out who, why and how rather than seeing that if it was in my life, in some way, it was mine to solve and mine to rectify moving forward.

When there’s a messy closet, a problem, a situation to solve… now, I default to this:

I created this somehow if it’s in my life, or, if I can’t see how I created it right now, I know  I’m meant to deal with it if it’s in my life.

It’s very freeing, humbling and it’s empowered me to get things done instead of getting hung up on why and what and where and how.

All that questioning was a way for me to say that it just wasn’t my problem to solve.

But… since the mess was in my life, it was my problem.

And, by diving in and unwinding the problem, that’s where my biggest personal lessons arrived.

Every positive step forward to take care of a problem or rectify or clean up a situation or grow in some direction is a great cause to make… and, according to both physics and philosophy, that cause will provide you with an effect.

Cause = Effect.  What goes around comes around.  Reap what you sow.

Whether you’re after clean closets, financial growth, relationships that are epic, more wellness, more peace… anything… it’s all, at the very core of all things, cause & effect.

It makes things simple.  It’s very powerful.

It might not be an instant fix, it might not be a shortcut, it might require wading through things to get to the other side sometimes… but, it creates a stable new situation where the lessons emerge and you have the opportunity to truly transform the stuff that’s been lingering and repeating itself unwittingly.

While I love to optimize, colorize, add art, aromatherapy and pretty much every wildly awesome bit of science-based feng shui and holistic arts into a day with joy and fun to make things more inspiring, more dynamic and perhaps even easier,  nothing for me replaces cause + effect.

Taking charge of what needs to change. 

Bringing my best me to every day. 

Sending as much love to everyone around me as I can. 

Learning the lessons as I go. 

And… keep on spreading the positive thoughts, glittery words and uplifting actions everywhere!!!

Cause + Effect = YES!

xoxo Dana

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Wishing you days of living in sync with all that lights up your life!

xoxo !!! Dana



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