Reclaiming Your Magic After Being Drained By Toxic Vampire Energy!

Jun 5, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

The starting point of a lot of the ruin in my own life over the years has been the close association with super-toxic people.

Does that ring true to you?

I still marvel when the occasional one slips into my life… but now, my moments of tolerating this live-sucking, destructive force are very few and very short-lived.

Of course, I didn’t go in search of toxic vampires, and I never do.

Why would I? Why would you?

But I’ve been tricked before, and maybe you’ve been tricked before, too?

These were people who presented themselves to me as super-cool, full of love and even deeply virtuous… until the very deep crack in the veneer started to show. I don’t look back and blame them because I allowed these things to happen long past the point where I became aware that the draining dramatics were damaging, but I can tell you, once I see it, I stay very very far away.

If you’ve found yourself drained, smushed, manipulated, thrown off your center or heavily burdened by the effects of a vampire-type person, you may know that some of the effects can linger far longer than you expect after breaking free.  Today’s feng shui is all about not just recovering from a draining, toxic entanglement, but, it’s also about coming back wiser and better than ever before! First off, are you in one of these draining vampire situations or, have you freed yourself and still feel the aftershocks?

The most devastating I’ve experienced were so sneaky and so destructive- a boyfriend who was secretly an addict ( I say secretly, but often I suspected and never investigated or trusted myself) and a “healer” who was demonically manipulating people in my life, including me, for her own gain or simply out of ignorance. Both stand out as landmark moments where it was a slow then rapid plunge into an abyss and I was forged to learn more about myself, these energy dynamics and how to recover.

Some of the symptoms of this syphoning of energy I have observed over the years include:

  • exhausion… especially mental exhaustion.
  • a lack of confidence that leaves you questioning yourself for a long time after the situation.
  • confusion or a foggy mind
  • preoccupation with the incident or flashbacks of the incidents that have happened with this person
  • a hard time setting goals, feeling excited or moving forward with passion
  • a lack of creative energy that doesn’t feel normal
  • financial chaos or debt accumulated to deal with from this crazy time period
  • an achy body, a stuck feeling inside and a general feeling of stagnation.

I can tell you I’ve experienced over the last 15 years a lot of all of that.  And, while I fully expected things to improve after becoming free of the vampire in question, it often took me a long time to get past it 100% and back into my power.

First, of course, you’ve got to be free from the toxic person or group.  Once you are very clear that a person, group or situation is absolutely out of alignment with you and your best intentions,  let it go.

It’s not always as easy as that, but if it can not be worked out, or if it’s egregious, abusive or unethical… it’s a must that it goes in my life.   HERE are more ideas to break free from these energy patterns that hold us back. 

If you’ve freed yourself from the situation… celebrate that freedom!

Then, gather back your energy!

Here are a few feng shui ways to not just recover from a draining vampire experience, but also to truly emerge so much brighter and bigger afterward.

1. Forgive yourself. Yes, you may have let this carry on longer than it needed to. But, you are doing the best you can and these things happen.

2. See what inside of you created this. What was it that allowed this?  A lack of confidence? Insecurities? A lack of education? Wanting love? Wanting to heal some past trauma? Dig deep and see if you can unearth what within you would cause you to allow this darkness to continue.

I once asked a Buddhist priest how to recover after one of the more devastating incidents of vampire darkness, and his response, paraphrased, was that as soon as I realize what inside of me allowed this to happen, I could make a determination to not repeat that again… and could focus my energy on strengthening whatever allowed that into my life.

The outcome was so much more faith, confidence, self-love… and much much more!

3. Commit to your very big and bright vision. Without a big vision, it’s too easy to get stuck in the traumatic parts of the recent past.  Without a big vision, your energy is more likely to stay trapped in the past because the present and future aren’t magnetic enough.

When I let a very big energy leech near my life and allowed this person’s input into my future plans, my life started to rapidly crumble.  I went from huge dreams for the world that were manifesting rapidly to dreaming and praying to get through the day, the week and the month.  This is not ok.

Take back your dreams. Commit to them daily. Make them bigger than ever.

4. Send them well wishes. Yep, I am always taken aback when I am told to pray with compassion for the people who have siphoned money, time, energy, wellbeing and sanity from my life for their own selfish gain. Still, though, I do it.  And, once I do, the compassion is very freeing.

The time to reclaim your power is here!

The resilience and strength gained by making a comeback after ta vampire attack can be a lesson and wisdom that’s very hard to learn any other way…. so embrace it, shake it off, gather up your magic & make your big dreams come true!!!



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