Releasing Things From Your Home That Weigh Down The Energy!

Jun 6, 2017 | Prosperity


Prosperity is free-flowing and exciting.

Happiness is free-flowing and exciting.

We all experience a whole range of emotions, but the goal is to keep things as free-flowing and full of positive momentum as possible.

You don’t need to be in joy and bliss every moment in order to prosper, but if you’re dragged down by vampire energy, negativity or bad memories in your home constantly, it will have an effect on all areas of your life.

Here are some ideas for removing more stagnant-energy objects from your home to lighten things up and get the flow going!!!

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I read some wonderful ideas recently about things that you may want to remove from your home that was instantly top on my mind to share!  The one that I’m personally more into keeping- ashes from a decased loved one.  That’s my personal thing.  I would want to keep them in certain circumstances.  That said, the perspecive on letting them go is freeing and positive.  I felt this was a very good list as a starting point… and, of course, personalize what’s meaningful to you.  Your experience of space is what matters the most!

What To Keep Out of Your Home, by Carol M Olmstead 

“I define Feng Shui as the art and science of placing things in your indoor environment to improve your life, and refer to clutter as postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. When you clear your clutter on a regular basis you take advantage of the natural changes around you to make room for new energy to flow in to take its place. And sometimes in Feng Shui, what you avoid bringing in to your home is as important as what you invite in.

Here are some examples of things to keep out of your home:

Other People’s Junk. Resist the temptation to accept offers of cast-offs from friends and relatives. Sometimes you accept other people’s junk because of what I call a “poverty consciousness,” whch is the fear that you’ll never have enough money to buy what you really want. You end up storing all that stuff in your closets, attics, and basements creating negative chi. Feng Shui principles suggest operating instead from a prosperity mentality by refusing cast-offs with the positive affirmation that you can afford to buy what you love.

Dried Flowers. Dried flowers carry negative energy because they are dead, plus they fade and collect dust. Instead, surround yourself with healthy living plants and flowers. If you can’t give up your dead flower arrangements, make sure you dust them frequently and substitute a new arrangement with the change of each season.

Violent Images and Music. We live in a world of media images of violence, but that’s no reason to compound the problem by filling your home with artwork and media with violent themes. Instead, fill your walls with upbeat images and your shelves with objects that make you feel happy. Similarly, music should create harmony rather than chaos in your home. Before you purchase or download music, make sure it uplifts, relaxes, or makes you feel comfortable.

Ashes from a Deceased Loved One. When you are grieving, it may be tempting to hold on to your loved one’s ashes for comfort, but in Feng Shui, keeping them in your home represent trapped energy. Instead, chose a symbolic place to scatter or bury the ashes and surround yourself with a few cherished mementos of your love one, such as photos of them smiling and doing what they loved to do.

Gifts From Negative People. If you receive a gift from someone who is angry, hostile, or negative, every time you use it you will feel that anger, especially if their gift was given out of obligation rather than love. Sell, donate, or discard all gifts that come from negative people, no matter how expensive the item. When you allow them into your home, you invite their negative energy to flow throughout your surroundings.

A Bed From An Unknown Source. Beds, mattresses, sleep sofas, and futons hold energy from the past experiences of the people who slept on them. Therefore, it’s best to avoid bringing a bed into your home if you don’t know who slept on it. If you do, you’ll be sleeping with all the problems and relationship issues of the former owner. Instead, invest in a new bed, mattress, and linens to bring fresh chi into your home and life.

People You Don’t Like. If you don’t get along with someone, don’t invite them into your home. This would seem obvious, but all too often we allow family members or business associates into our homes because we feel obligated. If you must entertain business associates you don’t like, or if there is hostility whenever your family gets together, meet these people at a restaurant or another neutral place. The event will have a time limit and their negative energy will not visit your home.”

 Thank you for always sharing great ideas and information, Carol!!!  xoxo Dana

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