Feng Shui For The Times You’re Asking “Why Is This Always Happening To Me?”

Jun 16, 2017 | Prosperity


I hear this more than anything else.

I’ve said it more than anything else in certain areas of my life.

“Why is this always happening to me?”

Whether it’s the vampire friends, the relationships that go awry, the financial crisis, the series of events that you want to avoid but can’t help but keep repeating…

“Why is this always happening to me?” is the question of the day. 

Whatever is happening is not happening to you.  It’s not happening to me.  We are, in some way, creating things.

If you think life is just happening and you’re just the effect of it all, there’s really nothing you can do.  So let’s start with a basic thing:

Life is what we’re creating.

I understand that there are mysterious and freak things that happen that are out of our hands, but how we respond to them is in our hands.  We always have a place where we can be cause instead of effect.  And that’s what I’m excited about every day.

If something’s always happening to you that’s not desired, you may need to dig deeper into your life to root out the cause.  I see that cause often reflected back to me in people’s homes. I hear it when people speak.  For mystel, I often need help to see the reflection if it’s something that’s evading me, but a little time with a journal usually pulls up the deeper issues.

A belief.  You’ve heard this before.  Negative beliefs in our subconscious can hold us back.  There are tons of ways to “re-vamp” those beliefs.  I teach many ways, and the ultimate way to do this is to actually change the things that you see in your home!!!

dana claudat feng shui

A need for resilience. Sometimes we never bounced back from something fully, so we stay stuck in that past.   It’s almost like holding a grudge, holding onto trauma (professional help is amazing for trauma releasing) and not forgiving a failure or a less-than-great decision.  THIS process of forgiveness is extremely freeing!

Karma. This is everything to me. It’s CAUSE + EFFECT.  Because we aren’t always looking at the ways that we are creating (or not creating) what we want, it’s hard sometimes to see the things we are doing (the causes) that are creating the results that we are getting (the effects).

Karma is created in your thoughts, words and actions.

I can give you an example I’ve seen recently of interesting ways we don’t realize how we’re creating a result we don’t want.

You need money.  You really need it- it’s a real need- and so you start telling people how you’re broke, how you can’t get a job, and all the bad things that are happening.  You become less convinced that you’ll get a job so you barely apply yourself when filling out an application.  Your friends feel bad and commiserate with you about how hard things are.  You suddenly feel even more hopeless because everyone is agreeing with you.  And things keep spiralling down.

The flip of this:

You need money.  You really need it- it’s a real need- so you start calling people up and asking them if they need any chores done or any help for hire.  You’ve decided you are going to handle this situation once and for all.  You spend your free time making yourself feel really good and when you show up for interviews you feel so amazing and ready that you get multiple offers.  You decide to share with your friends how grateful you are and they share with you how grateful they are for your example.

I’ve seen both of these scenarios almost exactly.

The difference is not wishful thinking… it’s deciding to be CAUSE or to be EFFECT.

You can apply it to almost anything.  And where you’re stuck, you can get help to move past the blocks.  There’s always so much to learn!

Every year I run the Camps – Catalyst for Clutter, Cash for Wealth and soon Love for LOVE- and create a space for a few months of deep diving into these areas of life to become CAUSE instead of EFFECT.

The results are so smashing, partially because people see and hear in others the same things they recognize in themselves.  The ah-ha moment isn’t just a mental realization… it’s a new call to action.  Jobs change, fiances change, relationships transform, self-love flourishes…and homes spring to life in shining ways, often through DIY projects and simple feng shui shifts!

This is to say… it’s a process.  It’s sometimes an Ah-Ha! moment that is all the process you need, but often it’s a bit more of a process.

Give yourself the time and space to deeply redesign whatever areas of your life require your spirit, love and attention.  Realize you’re not broken, you’re just evolving.  And that is just absolutely awesome!!!

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You can sign to the free video series right HERE!

I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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