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Jun 25, 2017 | Prosperity


If you are busy wondering to a not-happy-degree about what’s going to happen with x, y, z idea, plan, relationship or anything else, you may not be busy enough in your own creative life.

Yes, I know you’re super busy. But I know when I am just busy and not creatively engaged with mind, body and soul, I am missing the mark.

People have told me that it’s unrealistic to be the way that I am.

But… they are the same people overthinking, struggling and stressed.

Why should that be the ideal?

Why shouldn’t creative action be the path to true success?

Even the most cutting-edge science believes that it is!

If you’re deep in creating your days, creating your life, creating opportunity or creating anything else you want… it’s really hard to have enough time to wonder and— gasp!— start to worry.

Creative blocks, after all, are actually energetic blocks in life, just like a stuffed closet or a road that’s closed.

Practice your creative flow and it will all come back to you… in a big way!

First, if you’ve been worrying a lot, maybe yourself a no more worry jar. Even a plain recycled jar will do, nothing fancy needed:

Now, add an extra layer of sensory greatness to all the things you “have to do” but don’t really want to do.

  • new music playing while you wash dishes
  • new audiobooks for the long commutes
  • new delicious candles at your desk to light while you answer emails
  • new snacks… new coffee cups…

Small things. These are all super-small but wow does my orange mug make a difference in my morning!

Finally: look at what you’ve been doing every day- even the mundane things like making the bed- and start taking artful interest in them. Life is art. Marie Kondo has sold millions of books about cleaning closets and folding clothes— it can be an art and a life-changing magic! Watering your plants can be a magical ceremony once a week. I actually long to go to the car wash I once loathed now that they added a bunch of arcade games that I used to play when I was a kid.

This is a path to bigger, bolder, brighter creative instincts that can make all of life feel lighter and happier and most vitally— much more fulfilling!

Grow all that creative greatness!!!

xoxo Dana

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