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Jun 30, 2017 | Feng Shui 101, Prosperity


I saw this room and said: yes.

There are so many great things going on here- strings of light, floor pillows, crazy awesome clay pots, lawns, rich outdoor handwoven rugs, macrame, candles, ferns, rugs on walls…

This is very me.

Or, at least it’s very much one side of me, a feel-great, sink into the Earth part of me. That core of connection.

What does your dream space look like? What have you come to accept in lieu of your dream space?

I’ve been in love with this quote lately because I have been asking myself this lately.

First, I have to admit I have given away my power, in some subtle ways that were dramatically profound and impactful, and some obvious ways I liked to justify to healers, to other people who seemed to know more, to men, to women, to my parents and even to psychics in the past.

It was my own self-sabotage rising to the surface, and each time I would say it was about them.

They were wrong…

They were misguided…

Or crazy…

Or manipulative…

Or vampires…

And even if all of the above was true, I still was the one doing it… so it was about me.

How absolutely terrifying it seemed to be as powerful as I could be. How much love I perceived I might lose from people I accommodated, pleased and sacrificed for in ways that wrecked my spirit and made me afraid to reach for more.

And, yes, it all showed up in my environment.

The walls full of stuff I don’t like to see, the pile of stuff I didn’t need but what if someone wanted it… the outfits that boyfriends bought me so I would look the way they wanted me to look (way beyond reason) and even the glasses I wore instead of contacts, the hiding I did instead of asking, the dust in the corners, the plants I wish I bought, or re-potted…

I know this sounds small, but when you see things that grate on your nerves every day, it’s not small. It’s a reminder of the much larger things that rest below the surface.

This is my idea of a very simple dreamy space-

Mix in some old Hollywood glam & it’s my perfect home.

And, I could have attained more of it at any time if I decided to… but instead I lived in low ceilings, dark rooms, old carpet, no patios, no color, no greenery… corporate-esque clothes and my head down, working on things because I felt I had to.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to be ingenious. We are all creative enough to have even a tiny bit more of what lights us up right now. I’ve even had friends collect thrift furniture and garage sale finds for dollars- literally dollars- and design their dream spaces, creating bookshelves from cinder blocks and plywood, making curtains with vegetable dye and old bed sheets. It’s all possible.

It is ALL possible.

If you believe you deserve it. And you decide to create it.

Step by step my low-ceiling, dark, carpeted apartment morphed into one of the most glamorous + me-style buildings in Los Angeles (above- my old lobby…)… then… into a home with soaring ceilings, 50 + plants and trees, carpeted patios, ombre curtains, and so much more of what I love. Next… I have a plan… and that plan is way beyond exciting me into action!

But, you may me feeling or thinking…

This takes money, time, I can’t move, I can’t… there are so many reasons why I can’t…

I started with (-$140,000) dollars (negative one hundred and fourty thousand dollars…you read that one right), no financial help from anyone and I figured it out, without special tricks or magic spells. And it wasn’t instant to evolve, but every step forward brought me more opportunity, adventure and possibility!

I had no idea how to do it, but I was for sure going to do it.

Not compromising.

Not holding back.

Not thinking that other people can have great things but not me…

And not letting my power head off to the predictions of psychics, the wants of other people or the multitude of other ways I gave it all away…

Design the life of your dreams.

Live that life.

It’s a great big yes to your style, your passions, your vision and your soul’s deepest desires.

A woman yesterday told me that her best friend passed away a few months ago, days after she visited her in the hospital. The last words that her friend said to her on her last visit,

“Promise me you’ll follow your heart.”

That is everything.



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