Feng Shui For The Times You Feel Pulled In Too Many Directions!

Jul 18, 2017 | Creativity


Are you feeling pulled in too many directions and hoping to find your way through it all?

If you have the gift of being muti-talented, in demand in some way that makes it immensely difficult to keep up with yourself, or you find yourself so full of stuff to create and do that you don’t know where to begin…

Yes, it’s all a gift.

Especially when you are being pulled toward lots of problems to handle at once.  It’s a temporary gift (no one would want this as a lifestyle!) but, granted, a great one because it means that you are on the verge of a big breakthrough once you get through…!

Same with the multi-talented, multi-passion-fueled life.  You are in a space of so much opportunity!

I know that being confused, overwhelmed or immersed in so many things to handle at once does not appear to be a “gift.”

It usually appears at first as chaos, a creative block or a totally robotic push through the day.

On the other side of all that heaviness, though, is tremendous lightness and opportunity.

Today’s feng shui is all about making the most of the times you feel you are being pulled in lots of directions at once.

deepak chopra

Center is within you. I know what happens when there are lots of choices and directions and disparate threads to take care of in a day: it’s tempting to talk about it all the time, the business, the craziness, the problems. All that talking appears to temporarily take the weight off, but, really, it makes it harder to find your ow center in the storm.

Talk to people who can immediately be of help, but, otherwise, find your center within yourself, stay more quiet and keep breathing into your center. For some of us our center is high (like our heart space) and for some it’s in the gut or lower. Close your eyes and visualize your own center. Wherever you feel it, stay aware of it and keep coming back here throughout the day, breathing deeper.

Find a new place where you can be neutral. Too many things to do and you’ll find me at a Starbucks at the beach, a cafe across town or someplace else where I am in totally foreign territory. New spaces that are comfortable and neutral (i.e.: someplace public like a cafe or a park) are a great place to work, study and sort through things with a more clear mind.

Decide. Choose what feels most spacious. Too many choices feel too confounding. Start pairing down your to-do list with decisions. Choose the spacious, freeing and exciting choices!!!

What if you make the wrong choice? You know, I make a few seemingly wrong choices – it seemd- in my career focus for about 7 years and very single one of those “wrong choices” brought me to the right place.

Lighten things visually. Overwhelm is often visual. I have a ways to go on lightening up my own office space today as the projects have multiplied and I need way more clear space. I can see some heavy stuff I can recycle and donate, some art to take down off the walls and some drawers that can get even deeper clearing so they are visually so much lighter!

White/ grey/ metal & pastel. This is your go-to color palette for the days of wildness. Wear more light, lean into more metallics, take the saturated colors down to clear-minded pastels. Integrate these palettes into your to-do lists, your office decor, your clothes… and feel the lightening, focusing effects!

Simple ideas can get you moving toward more clear thoughts and expansive decisions, helping you to flow through times where you’re being pulled in many directions at once and find your way to creative freedom on a whole new level.



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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and there’s incredible happiness waiting.


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