Your Home Is A Creative Catalyst For All Kinds Of Magic!

Jul 19, 2017 | Creativity


Why I am so deeply enmeshed in pushing the boundaries of holistic and artistic and scientific home design is this: your home is a creative catalyst for all kinds of magic.

It truly is.

For more than ten years I have taken baths in crystals, used homeopathy, kitchen beauty, jungles of plants and the tools of feng shui on deeper and deeper levels to shape and then up level everything around me. I’ve found solace and healing in art for a lifetime. I have seen how much a shift in attitude and self-love can heal the incurable.

This is the power of lifestyle and environment. It may start with a sage wand, but it goes far beyond sage. Far beyond money and love corners and far beyond the confines of the walls of your home.

It’s also everyday magic, and an ingredient indispensable to making big changes in life!

Space around you is filled with energy. That energy is shaped all day by your conscious and unconscious mind, your collection of thoughts, words and deeds known to some as karma, and your powerful decisions to change it consciously.

If you’ve ever tried to change your thoughts you may find that the myriad 60 or 70,000 things that ping through your mind are very hard to control in a micro-managed way.

What is easier to “control” and shape and infuse with your dreams?

Your space.

When your home reflects what you’d like your mind to think about, guess what happens?

Yes: your thoughts change far more easily to the sunnier, more multicolored, more fluid and fun.

When the energy around you feels full of bubbling potential from growing plants and fresh cut flowers and all sorts of nature, guess what happens? 

Your body and mind will react in tune— reaching for more ideas, more expansion and more fun in every day.

If you are in need of a creative push to the next level or doubt yourself that there is enough talent and genius within you, chances are, your space reflects that deficiency.

A few quick ideas to help you dive into a space shift that can catalyze more creative magic in a bounty:

  • coloring books and a huge box of crayons.
  • plants that you can mist every day with water as you affirm that you are connected with them intrinsically.
  • a pile of colorful pillows, throw blankets or tapestries that find artful ways to blanket some space that feels lifeless or limited
  • fresh herbs in your kitchen to create a natural apothecary
  • a mural in a hallway that needs some sparkle
  • painting ceilings high gloss for some shine
  • wearing natural aromatherapy as perfume or cologne…

Simple, yet vibrant. Easy and yet game-changing. These subtle shifts start to open life up to more capacity, more of a container to hold more greatness. You can feel it happen as you follow your bliss and the line of creative thinking that may lead you to renovate a closet, paint the house in a new palette, find a giant desk that is motivating…and so much more!

The evolution can be subtle or quite obvious. You’ll see it, feel it and sense it. And your whole life will reflect it back to you in more magic everywhere!

xoxo Dana

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