Are You Ready For More Love In Your Life?!

Aug 11, 2017 | Creativity

I realized years ago that while self-reliance- my default mode and maybe yours too?- is critical and wonderful and that independence is vital and incredible- connection is the most vital energy.

My independence was rooted in a love of work, exploration of my passions, feeling unattached enough to others that I wouldn’t feel restricted or limited in any way… and while all of that was good for the moment when I needed to know more about who I was and what I was all about, I couldn’t expand without connecting more to all of life.

Deeper friendships, relationships, commitments, even connections with my clients- all were needed. My old way wasn’t going to cut it.

Relationships of all kinds are the best way to grow. They are an objective mirror, they are a powerful source of synergy, they are creative and life-affirming, they challenge us to open up more and they show us more of all the greatness that we are. They’re where we can be of deepest service, where we can contribute, how we can take next steps… They are risky at times in a beautiful way and they propel us forward when they are magnificent like nothing else I have ever seen or experienced.

Do you need more love in your life?
Romantic Love?
Stronger family bonds?
Deeper friendships?
Love for your work and mission?
Love for humanity and nature and our oneness?

Love as a lifestyle is the aim. And today it’s our feng shui’d focus!

According to Dr. David Hawkins who collected data from millions to come to this conclusion, a person who lives primarily in an ascended state of love as a lifestyle or a baseline or a normal is a person who is capable of lifting 750,000 people in lower states of suffering and force higher up in their lives. Just simply with their presence- this emanating presence of love – this is possible.

Can you imagine if you could change peoples lives based on the love you commit to in your own life?

I imagine you do this already on days where you are full of love and you may not even realize it!

Love is so powerful, it can elevate, heal, transform, light a roadmap to change… It makes all of life easier. It literally takes the effort out of things.

There are so many ways that love can make life better, and it relies on no one else but ourselves.

As much as love involves other people, it always starts with us. How we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, value ourselves, make space for ourselves… that is the core of all love everywhere according to more philosophies, therapies, healing modalities and my own observations and experiences than anything else.

Have you seen this to be true?

I told that to someone recently who was asking for Love Feng Shui feedback and they insisted that they did love themselves. But, in their actions, reinforced all day long – over-working, perfectionism and high-pressure demands, a lack of self-care, no space in a schedule for unstructured fun and renewal— it became clear that while the concept was whole-heartedly true (there was a lot of love for self!) there was a lot of room to reinforce this love in daily actions.

Are you loving yourself enough in action every day?

love yourself

I know when I am in need of more love energy in life when…

I’m feeling irritable or achey, my sleep schedule feels a bit off, I am far less creatively inspired, I am thinking too much, I am lonely or… gasp… feeling bored or jaded… When I am less apt to dress up in the morning or say yes to invitations… When my work hours extend past 60! in a week…

What about you?

Do you know how your life may be showing you that you could use a dose- or an immersion— in more love?!

Head in that direction.

It will bring you so much abundance in every way.



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