Designing More Blissful Emotions Into Your Home!

Aug 17, 2017 | Home Style


Your home can be packed with emotion in the most supportive, peaceful ways. Today’s feng shui’d design is all about that emotional IQ of your home, and how to raise it so that your home helps you to feel deliciously supported every day!

We live in spaces that reflect us in every way. I know that’s a foreign concept to many, still, and yet it’s an exciting one. When I first learned how my home was reflecting me and I looked around to see a mess of stuff found, given to me or collected because it was just semi-useful and not remotely was a wild mirror. The same was happening in my life: it wasn’t directed, it wasn’t organized and it wasn’t shaped by intention. It just… happened.

It’s fine if you are living in a collection of thrift, donations and other things that sort of arrived in your space… but it’s only fine if you make them your own, realize if you are connected to them or not, and edit or upgrade as needed!


In The Love Camp – the feng shui focused in on elevating your whole home and life to love and love-magnetism, some of the most transformational of all energies we can access daily by choice (!!!)- we are breaking down the renovation, upgrading and reimagining of both what you have and what you want to add to your home to create the most love-fueled connections. It’s part of a week of The Love Camp that is, in my mind, one of the most empowering skills you can translate into your work, your wardrobe and, of course, you’re home! You don’t need any DIY skill, to, say, toss a blanket over a sofa or hang art or even make your own art (no really!) that changes your space completely.

Today, I wanted to share some ideas for starting this transformation in your own home, so you can make more of the sensory connection between you and your space!


Patterns are joy.

Patterns bring so much energy into space. They resonate, they vibe with us with emotional chords like music, they are energetic and they even make our eyes dance a bit, waking up our minds. If you add one lush pattern to a room, it can be a chorus of emotion!


Textures matter.

I can’t stress this enough. Textures- even of your floor- will affect you emotionally. In my old home the floors started creaking and feeling dried up and that texture to walk on was unnerving. Textures may be difficult to change on the floors of a whole home, but what about spots where you spend the most time? How about places where you could use more soft or more sleek or more delightful?

What is clutter will squash the feelings in your space.

Simply stated- clutter drags the energy down dramatically. If you want the feels of your home to be singing and soaring, start letting things go! I let go of- no exaggeration- a few hundred pounds of things I once needed that I really didn’t need or want to bring into a new space a week ago… and the energy around me is like a shower of glitter!

Color is a tool of change.

New colors breathe new energy vibrations into your life. If you want to make a big shift in your life, embrace more color…!!!


Your creative energy can be imprinted in so many ways around you.

Don’t be shy with small DIY projects. We are in a very user-friendly age of tools and know-how to craft things with joy. You know what you’ve been dissatisfied with in your space… and it may be worth a quick Google to see how to change it yourself!

While this is just a tiny bit of the vast ways to design more feeling into your space, it’s a powerful feel-great start!



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