What If Everything You Did Was Given An Extra Dose Of Power?

Aug 20, 2017 | Creativity

If you want to do things better than they’re being done now, to accomplish more, to feel more fulfilled, happier… Even just typing this I am thinking all of the above is what I hear every day.  I hear myself saying that I want these things, too, all the time.

I mean, there’s always a next level of everything, right?

But, there’s only so many hours in a day, there’s fun to be had, and, I can tell you from my own first-hand experience, when life becomes all working on things, even (and especially) improvements and personal growth-type stuff, it can be a drag rather than an uplifting experience.

I was reminded recently of a simple and yet profound concept:

Go deeper.

It’s been the time-saving, life-giving, enriching switch that really allowed for less time “getting things done” with more getting done in exceptionally good ways!
Years ago, I was spending sometimes 3 hours a day in my spirit practice and distracted for a good half of those hours. Because I was spending so much time, I was expecting to feel miraculously good, but only half the time I was really focused and the distraction in between lent this feeling of a labor to the whole thing.  As a result, I was more frustrated, complaining, worried… I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until a friend who introduced me to my practice saw me darting around, unable to sit still, said he’d be happy to help me to go deeper.

What does that mean?

To actually sit and focus and surrender to the moments of the doing of the practice I was doing, instead of moving in and out of focus.

It became clear to me that an hour without distractions was a supercharger and three distracted hours were more confusion in my days.  Now, if I am doing those extra hours, I am aware of distractions and I take a break, handle things and return.

I’ll tell you, it was a big day to see how much I was doing that in other areas of my life.

Distracted conversations, distracted creativity, distracted studying…

It wasn’t like I was multitasking like a maniac or obviously distracted… but, when I started looking at the half-hearted attempts around me to do things, to focus in… I realized that I needed to go deeper in all of life.

It doesn’t require changing yourself, altering anything, learning any new skills or any special equipment.

It is just awareness. And it’s available to you right now!

How many things have you done feeling fully-present today? Yesterday? Last week?  

I can tell you that I did five big things today feeling fully present and as those fully-present moments build, I feel more powerful.

Some science folks have estimated that we are on “automatic” most of the day if we aren’t aware.

If you’re on “automatic”, where can you have a breakthrough? How can things improve? How can you sharpen a skill or experience deeper love? 

Exactly, it’s really hard because everything feels the same as it has before- all sort of auto-piloted.

So… if you wan to experiment for the rest of the day or tomorrow or the week ahead, see what happens when you decide to go deeper.

Make your bed with a little more attention to the details as you fold the corners. (HERE is a fun tutorial if you want to know a “standard” bed making technique!)

Pay attention to your space as you sit down to work.  A to-do-list can help you stay out of distractions in your head 🙂 

Have fully-present conversations or keep them short and present if you can’t be fully-there to talk. 

Basically, everything you do… show up more to do it!

While you won’t be able to track the deliberate nature of each moment of each day, the more you show up and do this, the more you will see the rewards.

Even in just a few minutes of presence you will be amazed how incredibly powerful it feels to show up.

If you need a little help staying grounded and present, THIS grounding feng shui can help.

But… I know either way… you can do this!

Wishing you so much more magic and power!!!



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