10 Things That Happen When You Choose The Energy Of Love Over Anything Else!

Aug 23, 2017 | Creativity, Prosperity

When you choose the energy of love as often as possible, life changes.

And, if you find yourself in emotions that are less-than-awesome throughout the day, it’s OK.

We all need to experience every emotion that comes up to some degree or we’ll become pent up with emotional blocks and sort of explode without an outlet.

All emotions are valid.

In fact, the more you can name the emotions you feel, the more you can sort of work through them and release them and understand the light within the dark.

This wheel is always a big eye-opener when I feel sort of an ambient angst in a day and need to identify what it is so I can release it and everything around it. The emotions get more intense toward the center of the wheel. They diffuse as they fan outward into more specifics. That tends to be how it works for me- a really big wave of emotion but once I name it clearly I find it toward the outer band of lighter, easier to release emotions.

We all have all emotions. Our homes reflect those emotions.

We can decide at any moment to name, reframe and choose new emotions as our baseline. Our homes will reflect those changes.

You can also choose to change your home toward more love, and, by the power of the mirror effect, you’ll experience more love in your days every day.

Trust me, I know sometimes this is hard. Especially finding compassion toward people who do harm, finding peace with people who are mean… none of it is easy.

That said, it is freeing.

The greatest blocks I have seen in others to advancing in life have to do with resentments and anger and the “unforgivable” acts that hold things back. In these situations, in a very concrete sense, love sets you free.

It’s also freeing to have a home that reflects love everywhere, supporting you in the sometimes unpopular decision to forgive and love yourself- and anyone else who might be involved- anyway.

1. You stay calmer. And in a calmer space, you have access to your real creative genius, intuition and personal magic.

2. You have greater ease in everything you do. Building your energy toward higher and higher levels of true positivity opens the doors to greater ease because your sphere of energetic influence will expand.

3. You can have more compassion toward yourself and anyone else involved, even if it’s incredibly hard to do. That compassion builds connection to humanity. It is a way out of being stuck.

4. Synchronicities pile up. When I am in my zone of love and largely living in that space, the positive momentum is like a big magnetic ball of glitter, pulling to it all the people and things that move life forward. Since immersing myself in making The Love Camp Feng Shui love immersion, and really practicing this move toward more love even when it is difficult, I’ve seen the most surreal connections to people I’ve admired, the most incredible “lucky” things fall into place (like my new house, totally a miracle to find in Los Angeles in 15 days, moving away from what isn’t love and toward what is!) and so much greatness expand.

5. Some more “miracles” happen. On a large scale, have you seen the videos of people who have seemingly miraculously healed themselves with love, overcome extreme odds with love and beat the odds with love? Anita Moorjani’s story of healing her body with self-love is so surreal, I am reminded of it when it feels like something isn’t possible. Love creates possibility for cells to thrive.

6. Mysterious aches and pains tend to evaporate, and overall wellness improves. This I notice now, so profoundly. Strange aches and pains with no attribution have faded from my own life when I got into a space of more love for myself. I have seen this countless times with friends, Camp members and family. As my acupuncturist explains, emotional stresses are things that create stagnation in our bodies. Release the emotional stress and you free up your body in a bigger way.

7. You tend to have more money. The reasons are vast and well studied. Happier people tend to earn more, have greater performance, creative insight and self-esteem. It’s easier to manage money (and the energy that money is!) when your own energy is flowing clear and strong. And, there’s less resistance to abundance pouring in because the blocks to love are also blocks to all abundance!

8. You seem to magnetize more opportunity. So many new opportunities arrive when there’s a glow of magnetism around you. Also, it’s easier to actually see those opportunities when you are in an open-hearted, awake and present place in life.

9. Other people around you transform, too. Without “trying” to change anyone, the higher your energy is the greater the calming, elevating effect you’ll have on everything and everyone around you. This to me is the greatest reason to choose more love and move energy higher every day.

10. All kinds of talents and dreams once covered in dust emerge. Our talents are freed in creative wonder. Our energy soars in creative power. When you trust yourself enough to take risks, you may see just how great you are at things that you forgot you once could do!

I had no idea just how much of my childhood was invested in all that I do now, professionally. Holistic living wasn’t exactly a lifestyle in Secaucus, NJ in the late 80’s when I was a kid. But, lo and behold, I decided I would do my my 4th grade science project about plant medicine as a healing agent. The prediction I made and taped on my poster board was that one day we’d be healing ourselves with more and more plants and less synthetic chemicals. I had a whole lot of freewheeling, confident insight as a little kid… and it’s wild to see this turn to nature emerging now as the energy has been raised higher and higher around me!!!

If you’re ready to choose love, just choose it. It’s not anyone else’s choice involved. It’s your energy.

If people love you or they don’t, it’s out of your hands.

If people wrong us, we can’t control those actions. But, what we can control is our own energy field, our glow and our responses.

And, if that’s the choice we dare to make, more and more, to keep our own energy solid, things shift in surprising and magnificent ways.

I’m wishing you so much love!!!

xoxo Dana

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