Try Some Natural Beauty For A Fresh Start And Big Dose Of Self-Love!

Aug 31, 2017 | The Beautiful


I am a huge fan of natural beauty, and while there are brands that have revolutionized the ways that herbs and botanicals, oils, antioxidant extracts and butters combine to supercharge natural beauty (more on this to come soon!!!) there are some tried and true kitchen beauty must-haves that I have never found better lab-made or fancy alternatives for… and this makes me so happy!

Time for nourishing your skin, hair, body and energy field is always time well spent in my perspective, and that beautifying time will lift life higher, making everything else easier… and I often use these beauty routines to make a super-energizing fresh start!!!  Exfoliating, purifying, energizing… and all borne from the Earth!

Some of my favorite feel-great kitchen beauty treats can create a fresh-start in beauty any time you need it…!

Simple clay skin detox:    I mix about 1/4 cup of bentonite clay from this big jug with a wooden or plastic spoon into a ceramic or glass bowl.  Then add apple cider vinegar (2 tbs) and just enough water until it’s smooth and spreadable.  I use the whole bowl on my face, neck + chest plus under arms… and if there’s some left over, on the soles of my feet, too!  I drink water while this dries and crackles fir 20 minutes then wash off in the shower.

Peroxide or ACV water flossing : I add some (about a tablespoon) of peroxide or apple cider vinegar to my water pic full of water almost every night and water-floss with it before brushing.  My teeth feel so ultra-freshly revived.

A brown sugar scalp scrub : To make this simple scrub to de-flake and exfoliate your scalp, add a few tablespoons of brown sugar to enough natural naturally formulated conditioner to achieve a thick, grainy paste. That’s all! I prefer silicon-free conditioners for this trick, and I use it every week or two. Wet hair, scrub scalp gently for a minute or two, rinse and condition your ends. It is extra-great for curly hair. You will feel the difference!

A ginger bath:  This one is a favorite because it really warms you up. It can make you flushed red, and gets the circulation flowing. Peel and boil a hand of ginger in a big pot of water and dump that “tea” into your tub. Instant brilliance! This can make you sweat like crazy, so be sure to drink a ton before, during and after this bath. I do not do these often, and I stick to the wintertime when I am feeling particularly sluggish and cold.   Also, this one I would ask my doctor about before trying (I did!) as it is really a rev up to the system!

Simple sugar scrub: a handful of sugar, dash of oil until it’s crumbly, some honey or essential oils if you dare… and you’re all set!

Baking soda + honey as a hair clarification (you can even just use the baking soda!)… how to is HERE. 

Coconut oil makeup remover.  Really, nothing takes makeup off better in my experience.  Slather it on, gently massaging over eyelids and other heavy makeup areas, then wipe with a damp towel or tissue.  Afterward I wash with a simple fragrance-free bar of oatmeal soap… and it’s perfect!

Skinfood.  I have been using THIS insanely irreplacable and affordable moisturizer (it’s highly concentrated) for over 10 years as a 2 X daily face cream and I layer it on and I can’t say enough about it.  I am including it because I’d be remiss to not add my own favorite holy grail of a super-natural product to this list… those I stick to the mixes for most everything else!!!

Make the time for the fun of self-love.  These small moments add up to enormous glowing magnetism from the inside out… and that’s true love + beauty!!!

xoxo Dana


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