10 Benefits Of Raising Your Energy Higher!

Sep 16, 2017 | Prosperity, Uncategorized

High vibes.

We hear about them a lot these days in popular culture and wellness circles. They’re often considered to be bliss and only bliss.

High vibes are not just bliss, though.  They’re also states of being like reason, peace, calm (in the face of obstacles, too!) and the ability to be courageous.

High vibes – the energies, the moods, the ways we feel- are a large spectrum of active, expansive emotions.

If something makes you feel bigger and brighter, chances are it’s a direction to move in!

Today’s feng shui is all about the benefits of shifting into more high energy.  Some are surprising, all have been observed and experienced for over a decade, and all are worth aiming for!!!

Making the Love Camp Feng Shui Love Immersion changed my life. And in thinking about lots of love, I thought it would be fun to look at the ways that life shifts with higher energy.  These are just a few of the benefits of even taking a courageous step toward a dream, stepping out of a comfort zone and making amazing things happen…

1. You’ll work smarter and likely be more abundant with ease!  The higher the energy, the more the creativity flows freely. Happier people also tend to make more money and have seemingly better “luck.”

2. You’ll have more time. There’s less tension and panic so our bodies can move more easily, we can think with greater flow and find ways to make all that we want fit into the day!

3. You become more “cause” and less “effect.” Profound. Some people believe that life is about navigating what’s thrown at us… others believe that we create life every day. Personally, I am a believer that we are CAUSE over things if we choose to take the reigns and become cause. Those courageous steps flourish in high vibrations!!!

4. Obstacles don’t rock your world as profoundly. With more of your mental bandwidth free, it’s easier to leap into a mode of solutions.

5. Synchronicity flourishes. All that magic we love- thinking of people and they appear, manifesting out of thin air, finding the right stuff at exactly the right time— it’s all easier when we are living in a creative energy field with less interference and effort involved!

6. You’ll have more empathy. How much easier is it to think about the feelings of others when you feel grounded, safe and great within yourself? Empathy might be the most vital force on Earth, connecting us all, each and every one of us, if we dare to see the connections.

7. Positive risks become easier. You’ll always dare more greatly when you feel super-solid about your ability to navigate anything in your path!

8. Intuition speaks more clearly. I always say that it’s far easier to follow intuition when our lives are in order. The reason? It’s very hard to interpret signals and gut feelings if we are cluttered or living with a lot of distortion or unrest.

9. It’s easier to confront things. If I show you a problem when you’re already feeling bad, I bet yu wouldn’t be too pleased? But, if you’re feeling great and want to take life to the next level and I show you a problem I imagine you’d be so happy to see it so you know what you can sweep away next!

10. Love flourishes everywhere. Ultimately, does anything else matter? Love is really pretty much everything. It’s a frequency so high it can heal, it’s an energy of transformation, it’s the connection we seek, the ability to be seen and heard and empowered. It’s all things freeing and blissful and balanced and amazing!

Your home is a big part of your high-vibration life. Your office is a big part of your high-vibration life. All of the spaces you spend your time will inform the vibration of your life.

How to get there?

The simplest way is the most basic:

Move toward more what expands you. Love. It’s our true nature.

From there you can make shifts in your lifestyle, your home, your wardrobe, your pantry, your thoughts and even your to-do lists to raise the energy up, up, up!!!

In that place of soaring emotion and peace and calm, everything is epic.

xoxo Dana

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