Ending The Cycle Of Things That Keep Happening That We Don’t Want!

Sep 17, 2017 | Creativity

How do you deal with things that keep repeating themselves?

Even despite your best efforts, the same issues, the same cycles, the same patterns, the same dynamic in relationships, the same same same keeps coming back… and it’s beyond frustrating.

I know.

I lived in endless repeat of the same mistakes, moved cross country, even once to Europe, travelled the world in search of a fresh start where I wouldn’t pick up the same things. I did extreme cleanses, deep dives into philosophy and self-help, and still, despite my ardor, there they were, the same things.

It’s enough to lead you to believe that something bigger is wrong.

In fact, it led me to believe I was broken beyond repair.

What’s curious is that when I finally sort of let go, threw my hands up and decided I would just do the best I could every day in the moment, the endless repeat started to shift.  And when I saw, gradually, how I was creating the repeated stuff in my own ways, the weird “curse” I felt I had looming over me was broken.

Today, let’s look at breaking free of the repeat of things that we don’t really want! Japanese Forest

Here are a few things I have observed in myself and later with clients for the last decade, that are all part of the perspective I found that broke down the cycle of things that stayed on repeat.

On some level, I wanted the things- the problems and blocks, that kept popping up.  If I had a disengaged boyfriend I would never be heartbroken.  If I had a problem with money I would never have an excuse to hide out, burried in work.  If I stayed less-than-well, I was always in a state of repair that justifed not taking the creative risks I proclaimed every day I was ready to take.

There were things I simply couldn’t see in my own actions that life kept showing me.  Blindspots are common to us all.  We know smething is “off” but we can’t see quite what it is until it blows up.  Or, we really can’t see the full picture of a situation because we have, in some ways, become blind to the issue until it becomes bigger.  I had a boyfriend who was an addict.  Being raised around addicts, I am hyper-vigilant about keeping people in my life who are heavy drug users at distance, which seems like good common sense.  But because there was no use of drugs for a while… I couldn’t see or hear clearly the behavior that was unfolding right in front of my eyes.  The excavation of my own life- daring to heal that childhood story- opened my eyes to that pattern, allowed me to see more clearly, and, beyond all things, gave me a deep sense of compassion where I was once so angry.   If you’re operating on repeat with certain emotional patterns, there are so many tools to explore to help heal and gain more of a full perspective on things.

I was creating or had created the repeat.  That was a big one.  Life wasn’t just happening to me.  It took a lot for me to see this clearly because I did not want at all to be a guilty party in some of the blow ups in my life.  I was creating this repeat.  Cause & effect.  In Buddhist philosophy, it’s called karma.  We do things and later we see the effects of them.  It’s not always instant, and in some philosophies it spans back infinite lifetimes, a storehouse of causes we’ve made and the effects we experience.

So, how can something so vast and maybe hard to believe or conceptualize be helpful?  Well, when I embraced this dynamic as true for me, I stopped blaming and pointing fingers ( even when people were at fault) and started to see where within me this could have been created or what purpose it serves to teach me and help me to grow.  It took a long time to get to this place, but it’s far more liberating than a cycle of blame.  In many cases, I saw where and how I had made decisions to get to where I was… and in others, I saw lessons that freed me from anger and let things finally be released.

These are just a few of my observations and personal lessons.  I see them all the time.  I feel them profoundly, especially now as I have stepped out of an endless pattern and into the new.  It’s tempting, in moments of fear of success itself, to look back on times of being stuck as feeling safer (!), but it’s no place to dwell or return.   Instead, I keep seeing how much the paradigm can shake up.

New choices.

More presence.

Less worry.

More engagement in right now.

Here’s a Vintage You Tube on shaking up the repeat of stuff.  It’s simple and it can be really fun!

I’m still shaking things up every day and finding my way to more clarity. Now, though, I can finally look back and see that things have truly, definitively changed for the better. It took time to get to this place, but like all things that are habits to break, it’s worth the time!

All of it began with letting go of striving and deciding to live in more love every day, as much as I could find, all day.

Love is so powerful.

For years and years I wanted to do a feng shui love camp because, well, love is really everything. Even with so many clients having babies, finding love, getting married, flooding their lives with love, finding love for themselves in profound ways… I waited. I wanted to be so grounded in love that I could be a guide for a big journey, and I wanted to feel the ground under my feet every day infused with supportive love.

Then I decided to make the Camp a year ago because I was asked so many times it felt like a sign. And I had a year ahead to gather up a decade of the best of love feng shui.

Make a powerful decision to amplify the love in life and I bet you’ll be amazed at what happens next.

Love flourishes and all the paths to love start lighting up.

Almost instantly after making the decision I started pulling together thoughts…and, I could see in high relief and such depth of clarity how much love I was blessed with and how much more differently I now treat the love in my life from my career to my family to friends to my love – with reverence, gratitude and a sense of deeper connection that I ever thought possible as a small child.

I saw the ways that my home has evolved and my lifestyle, my style, my creativity all evolved, too.  And,  while there’s always so much room for more love, it’s a thrill to share all the Feng Shui with you to transform life to love everywhere…!

xoxo Dana

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