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Sep 21, 2017 | Home Style, Prosperity

(elle decoration)

Charismatic, magnetic, confident, lit up, so bold… so enchanting…

There are some people who fill a room with joyful presence and seem to move through life so easily.

There are some spaces- homes, offices, art spaces and of course the wilds of Nature- where that feeling of presence, charisma, elevation and light seems to pour through you when you visit and spend some time.

We sync up with our environments energetically, visually and in a sensory way. So, space can either hold you back or it can help you move- or zoom- forward.

Everyone has certain things that light them up and create that energetic zoom and radiance, and in Feng Shui there are so many ways to tap into that energy.

A home that is more magnetic, after all, leads to a more magnetic life in every way! 


Your entranceway can spring to life with the kind of plushness that is equal to a giant hug of energy when you enter! Details are so important, as, like the tassels on the door handle or the coral door itself, they add so much singular personality to the space!

(vogue living)

Simplicity is so radiant, especially when the simplicity highlights one great aspect of a room like that massive piece of art!!! Clear space is always a big draw in terms of creating new opportunity.


Can we ever get a more magical color than magenta. As I pulled together this piece I realized that I needed to refinish and refurbish my dining room chairs with a fresh coat of gold paint and custom magenta upholstery. The rest of the room will be pastel and white… and now, it all makes perfect sense in my mind!

(to go into the world)

Art spaces – whether a tiny table or a massive room- are the most incredible form of enchantment. Making art is not just for artists by trade.  There are major science-based reasons to make art no matter what your skill level. In the Love Camp we get so into the arts as a form of alchemy… and all the love-magnetism is electric!


Furry, fluffy, plush and soft can be it’s own form of relaxed passion. I am rethinking my living room Feng Shui to include one or two of these faux fur gems!

(ikea cabinet!)

Oh the red is always magnetic, but use it deliberately. Not too much. Not just willy-nilly. Where you put red is where your focus will go… so highlight magnificent things with red. Red space are great places, incidentally, to store your wish lists!!!

Ready to be more of a magnet to what you want?

Small shifts can open life to so much charismatic bliss!!!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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