Want To Make A Big Change But Can’t Find The Time Or Energy To Do It?

Oct 17, 2017 | Creativity

This is what I hear all the time and at points in my life it was my constant battle— wanting to change but lacking the time and energy to do it. I get emails about it. I hear it from clients who squeeze a consultation into their life and then we discover that even though they are so ready for a change… their lifestyle and circumstances are making things feel impossible to change.

How do you find the time in your life to make something new happen if you can barely manage with what you are doing? And how do you do it- especially if it feels like its hard to believe it is actually more than a fantasy? 

Everyone’s got their own specific path to making more time and energy for making changes, but the energy principles underlying this space-making look very similar for everyone in this pattern.

If you’re struggling to find the time and energy to start making the changes that you want or need to make for your wellness and well-being, your dreams and your desires, today’s feng shui is all about finding your way, despite the very real challenges! 

I’m a believer that change doesn’t just happen. It requires research and planning at times. (see my collected board of potential furniture above that pulled the ideas in my mind together so I could start taking action in my own new home) Change is dynamic. It’s a result of choices and then action. If you move too fast and push it, it can go haywire. Even seemingly magical manifestation is the result of a decision and then action (even if it’s simply imagination and visualization) to see things through.

I’m also a big believer that change happens more easily when we are really excited about that change.

Make sure it’s what you want in the way you want it. If you’re trying to “make yourself” want what you think you “should” have, that’s not a recipe for success. After all, using the analogy that rings true to me- if you hate going to the gym but somehow feel you “should” go in order to meet your fitness goals, then that fitness goal is firmly rooted in bad vibes. Meaning: if you meet your goal, you’ll have suffered through what you truly don’t like… and if you don’t suffer, you’ll fail to reach the goal.

This is self-sabotage on a subtle or un-subtle level.  If you succeed you suffer, and if you fail, you’re just avoiding suffering.

So, how do you get out of this loop?

Try setting up what you want in the way that you want it. I hate the gym and love long walks and hikes. It’s a simple thing to adjust, but we sometimes get stuck on the “gym” or the extensive classes or the complex ways to do things because we think we “should”. Drop out the “should” and find a way to do the thing you want to do in a way that will ensure that it actually is fun or at the least, easily accessible and not a drudgery, to get it done.

Having no time is a big creative block. Here is more on this if that’s where you’re at:

Feel your own energy.  When we are busy we can absorb the energy of everyone or anything or any place that is around us because our actual glowing electricity (which has been scientifically measured) starts to shrink a bit. Our energy field becomes permeable. We start to pick up the energies around us. We start to become less charismatic, less effective and less sparkling.

You know that feeling after a vacation or a weekend of revitalizing that makes you sort of magnetic to all good things?  You can have that all the time- or more of the time- if you learn to feel your own energy more and fortify that energy when you need more support.

Simple nutrition (vitamins can help!!!), a five or ten minute meditation, a ten minute bath in a cup of baking soda, a walk around the block— all are do-able and their effects are powerful as a starting point of ideas.

Realize it is possible.   When you know it’s possible, you’ll feel more motivated. Google success stories, seek groups that demonstrate that change is possible… get involved with people who believe in and know that there is a way to triumph in every situation. Joining an online support group (and I was NOT a group person) helped me to succeed with a big healing process. Also, it’s not worth the time it takes to try to convince other people that you can accomplish your mission who are not believers in change— it’s way more fun and rewarding in my experience to be the change and inspire them with your own success, even if it takes some time.

Drop out the negative voices. Nothing is more of a time and energy killer than negativity.  Check out what negativity does right HERE as demonstrated in the coolest intention experiment ever. Negativity rots our life, literally. If you need some fortification to let go of the negative noise, The Joy Immersion is full of tools to help you overcome negativity right now, step by step, in minutes a day with awesome decisions and tools along the way.

Power up your morning. A morning routine may be your best friend in making time for change. I know, getting up 30 minutes earlier or an hour earlier may feel impossible… but after a few days, if you are waking up to all your favorite feel-great activities— morning baths, yoga classes, meditations, prayers, writing, art— you’ll start to jump out of bed an hour earlier.

It won’t always be instant to generate a morning routine, so giving yourself space to build it slowly will help you to build it in thr right ways for you. For example: extending your dog walk an extra ten minutes every morning is way more manageable than deciding to start a 45 minute power-walk every morning. It’s jarring to make big changes sometimes, so let the small steps build and watch how change evolves!

Plan the smallest steps toward your goal and get going.  

Overnight success wishes are dream-killers for many of us. If it doesn’t happen instantly, well, it’s not a certain path, right? I used to feel this way and as a result I tried to wait until I felt I had the time and space to be an overnight success. Now, I write ideas as a first step toward a creative goal, even a few ideas a day. Then, step-by-step, the ideas take shape. It’s far more organic and far more flowing for me, and it may just help you to get that change-making underway in small and then progressively-bigger ways.

Essentially: you can do this. I know you can. I have seen it thousands of times and I have done it more times than I can count.

You don’t want to shut down your life or wish to be “less busy” when that busy stuff is the stuff that makes your life flow and prosper. Crash and burn is not really a great cycle, and I think we all agree it’s not the ideal to have nothing going on.

Rather, being full of stuff to create and do that is powered by real power— this is the magic. This is not overwhelm— it’s radical, exciting and awesome and it means you’ve shifted over from overwhelm to your genius zone.

Be easy with yourself and know you got this. I know you do!

xoxo Dana

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