10 Ideas To Get Un-Stuck & Upgrade The Feng Shui Flow In Your Days

Oct 20, 2017 | Prosperity

(kim keever art– wow!)

More flow, more ease, more grace, more “magic.”

That’s part of the point of making life changes, right? Opening up to more power, feeling more confident and knowing you are where you are supposed to be, and knowing things are falling into place.

Flow can be hard at times even though it’s technically meant to be easy because we have so many ways to get blocked or stuck, but today I want to explore some simple ways to get your energy moving if it’s been stagnant for too long.

Here are some ways to open up the flow in your life and find more feng shui magic of balance in every day…!

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Flow more daily.  Let it be a process that is embraced no matter the pace at which change is possible.  You will build momentum and that is AWESOME!!!

Get off of automatic.  We are thought to spend up to 95% of our day in totally unconscious bouncing around, living ruled by our subconscious programming, not really knowing a better way.  Present time is the better way.  If you catch yourself on auto-pilot, wake up a bit more.  A favorite way to do this in my life is to quite literally stop in my tracks, look around and see my environment clearly.  Sometimes I’ll clean a bit or sweep up or organize my computer for a few minutes, and then I will launch into decisions.

Try a mini habit. A little thing.  A new vitamin, a new stretch, a new several minute meditation, a new little thing can be the start of many, many, little things that amount to big changes.

Start a fresh art groove.  See art daily.  Indulge in documentaries, gorgeous films, writing, painting, drawing, lessons, crafts.  This is not frivolous, it is art magic.

Tackle what’s most “off” right now, and really handle the issue. If there’s a problem in your path, at the very east make a plan to handle it and take the first step.  These steps create freedom.

Take a new road. Doing a new thing, taking a new road, finding a new path to the office or the grocery store- it may not seem like much but it is a whole new experience and that wakes us up in new ways!

Here’s more on shaking up your routine:

Freshen up your skincare, makeup, workout gear, blender… anything to do with self-care that has been an obstacle. I stopped taking detox baths when I ran out of salt.  Now I have a giant salt reserve in my house so I am never without it.  I hear people who don’t exercise because they need new jogging shoes, a yoga mat or a new water bottle.  It’s usually a small thing that can open the door to more self-love in action.

Embrace some energy exercises to see flow in new ways. THESE are my favorite energy exercises.  Learning abut how your energy flows and becoming cause over your personal energy can keep the bad vibes at bay.

Put what matters most first. That big thing to handle is important.  Your spiritual practice is important.  Food is important.  On auto-pilot sometimes we skip ourselves and let the call (or texts, emails, social media) be our compass before we are fueled up.  Stay fueled.

Stay self-expressed.  Speaking up isn’t always simple but it is always freeing.  Talk things out if you can.  See a counselor or therapist or spiritual figure for guidance how best you need it, if you need it. The power of these actions can be immeasurably vast to clear your life!


Clear your doorway.  Open up to fresh energy.  Sweep, wash your door (*yes, the whole thing!), and start fashioning an entryway that feels fabulous.  I am working on getting some powerfully calibrated LED lights for my hallway that are meant to create more “clarity.”  Full spectrum lightbulbs are fantastic.   Let your entranceway reflect you at your best!

It’s the simple things that can kick off new ways of being, feeling, thinking, moving and flowing.  Let the ease unfold as you take steps toward less life-clutter… and less clutter is radical freedom!
Wishing you so much flow, ease and peace!!!

xoxo Dana

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