8 Eye-Opening Discoveries Gained By De-Cluttering Life!

Oct 24, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

(this sofa may be my next home update!)

That saying that “every level of life requires a new version of us” doesn’t really mean, in my experience, that we need to alter who we are (!!!) but, rather, to create a much more space, habits and organization to support us as we grow.

Here are 8 of my most recent and quite profound, eye-opening, life-changing successes and lessons in de-cluttering life!

The bad-memory-filled objects may stay longer than you think.

Who knew how much a table that I have energetically cleared so many times that I truly loved was so full of visual triggers of past incidents that I was ready to be free of could be such an emotional burden?!

Literally, I felt like I was floating when I got rid of my dining room table and recently got a new one.

It’s interesting that there are some things that are not meant to be around that will catch you unaware.

I’m not suggesting that you dump everything that has been with you through every hard time.  Some can be energetically cleared.  Some are simply too big to get rid of (ie: you aren’t able to buy a new house!) and some things are not really associated in your mind with certain events.

Trust how you feel.

I realize looking back that when I would approach that table I would feel slightly heavy and would ignore it for various reasons (I hadn’t had breakfast yet, I was busy, it was a long day, etc) … until the signal was so clear it was time to let it move on.

There’s sometimes hidden clutter you can’t see without help.

It took some great pros to help me see the clutter in my blog.  My traffic is high but sort of “stopped” for no good reason given the huge growth in my business and my presence everywhere and I couldn’t figure out why.

Turns out, my extremely expensive hosting service was configured to 2011 settings among other huge issues that were creating enormous problems and a below 50 score on Google optimization tests.

If you see wonky things the next few days, please know it’s being handled!

Who knew?

Same I have seen happen with people who have food allergies that are undiagnosed and don’t feel well and think it’s the air quality until they see a specialist, with people who have had traumas buried that have been released in healing modalities and therapy…

We all have blindspots and it’s always worth contacting any professionals you can to get the help you need.

Cycles on repeat in life sometimes are a signal, not a problem in themselves.

Those things that seem to repeat themselves – sometimes annoyingly!- can be a great reminder to update, upgrade or clear other issues.

For example, I have clients who struggle with having enough time to complete things and they’re constantly late for deadlines and appointments.  Many have come to believe they are just slow people or that they have focus issues endemic to them… but, more often than not, when they looked at their days and their spaces they saw all the disorder that was slowing them down and taking up time in the day.

It’s great to look deeper at the cycles on repeat to see if there are outside factors that are a root of the issue.

Research is a part of clearing clutter.

Being super-prepared is often superior to being super-fast.  I know it’s tempting to want things done and to toss yourself into whatever needs to get cleared, but some research can pay off!  I have clients who spend thousands of dollars on home organizing systems before feng shui that they realize they likely didn’t need.

They do get used, but maybe they were not that vital.

Same with researching anything— it pays to do your homework. Consider the research- whether it’s finding sites to sell things safely or finding the tools you need or the services or professionals you need- as a huge part of clearing space.  It is.  The minute you start research, you have started on a path to solutions!

It’s worthwhile to take your time.

As I said, rushing isn’t really awesome all the time.  Sure, a quick closet clear out with the latest clutter-clearing methods is spectacular, but great habits are built over time, not in just an hour or a few hours.

Rushing things also tends to create force … and this is the opposite of flow.  If you are feeling stressed making changes, you may be moving too fast for you at the moment.

Momentum does build.  Let it built!

Daily negative-energy-clearing is fueled by intention.

I do all the favorite of my high-vibe space clearing and sage burning goodness, but daily clutter clearing from all of life starts with intention.  Intention is the difference between that sage being a potent space clearing agent or a burden that you follow through on out of habit or maybe even superstition.

In my own spiritual practice, I have realized that half-hearted, unfocused practice for 3 hours is far less superior in its effects than a hour of focused practice.

Save time and feel more empowered by staying present with whatever you are doing.  You may do less without multitasking, but it will likely be far more effective.

Love is space-clearing.

Yes it is.  Check out the Rice Experiment HERE to see more. It’s potent.  It’s awesome.  And it’s freeing.

We all need a lot of room to grow, maybe more than we think.

Yes, lots of room to grow.  If you’e constantly tired, stuck, struggling or overwhelmed, you may need to create even more room. Step by step, day by day.

Give yourself that space & you’ll see the eye-opening magic for yourself!


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