7 Feng Shui Ways To Un-Block & Activate Your Creative Power!

Nov 13, 2017 | Creativity

Creativity is truly everything in life, and one of the most mythical beliefs that floats around universally is that some people are creative and some people are not. But, reading is a creative act.  You’re doing it right now. Cooking, making tea, having dinner with friends, watching movies… all forms of creative expression.  In fact, the way you speak, the ideas you have about everything from what to wear to what to surf on the Internet are creative.

You are creative.

What you’re likely looking for if your looking to activate creative power, though, is a more rich expression of this creativity.  Something deeper, something moving, something exciting, gorgeous, dreamy… maybe even successful, ingenious or divinely inspired.

Today, let’s talk about how we can all move into this energy of creating breakthroughs, creating new lifestyles… and actually designing more of your dreams. 


All of this, at its core, is a desire to communicate & connect more freely.

Yep, that’s it.  It’s not the mystery skills or supernatural talents… because the artists you and I admire may not have so many of the classical art skills that we believe we need to have ourselves.  Plus, there are so many artists who are deeply genius and surreally talented who feel blocked by the fact that they cant’t seem to get this talent out into the world.

It isn’t about how to make a billion dollars, how to get into the biggest galleries or write the next masterpiece that get’s sold in some market positioning.

It’s confidence, and/or a deep desire to connect even if you’re feeling wobbly, like an impostor or totally unclear about the way it will pan out when you decide to start creating where you’ve been stuck.

It’s this drive to do it anyway, despite the odds or the past.

To go on dates when you’ve failed to find “The One” many times.  To write that resume or proposal after so many rejections.  Or to start that class or take that leap when it doesn’t seem practical or worthwhile to many people around you who you rely on for support.


It’s that: it just has to be done.

When you are creatively blocked, it doesn’t get done.  You want it, but it doesn’t happen. And so, things languish.  The color drains from life.

The energy of creativity, in all its lack of rational sense, sees that your vision makes it from point A to point B even if that road is winding or full of uncertainty. You are in charge of how much of that creative energy you allow.

After so many intensive years of active academic immersion and full-scale diving into art, artists lives, history, and so much more…living on film sets, roaming through fields of priceless sculptures, adventuring at times with legends, I know that there’s a gloss to creativity that makes it seem like some people can have it and some can’t.

But, after a decade of working with people to change their spaces and make dreams come to life, I realize that there’s nothing in the world that isn’t creative. And, I see that we all have these inherent talents and mountains of confidence and brilliant ideas just waiting for the permission to be expressed.

Are you ready to bring them to life?

In Feng Shui ways, energy is either flowing or it’s stagnant. The Feng Shui Camps each year clear space for all sorts of breakthroughs by guiding everyone (including me!!!)  through clearing energy on so many levels every day.  It’s the door -opening solution to creativity in ways that can make life click, spring to action and soar.  It’s not something I actively realized when I created the Camps to help people get a solid foundation for their dreams to flourish.  I thought it would be “step one” to making things happen… but it wound up being the launchpad and a platform for the kind of creative magic that has continually blown my mind.  New careers, new talents, arts uncovered, buried dreams dusted off, new love… all from the making of clear space.

Making clear space is multi-faceted.  It’s both your closets clear and your energy clear.  It’s active, it’s calming and it’s radically exciting.  And you can get started on more of the creative awakening right now that can move you into this action…!

(edith rewa, the design files)

Allow yourself to create as a practice.  Don’t let the day pass without taking a step of creative action.  I don’t care if it’s an email you send or a post on Facebook or an afternoon painting— creativity is an exercise.  You build strength while you walk, hike, run, do yoga, dance or hit the gym.  But one trip isn’t enough.  You don’t brush your teeth once, right?  If you aren’t looking for a traditionally “artistic” creative breakthrough you can still practice being more confident at the grocery store or at a party.  You can still practice being more creative at work with ten minutes of brainstorming every day.

Practice brings in new patterns of energy.

Allow yourself to stop thinking. If you’re thinking too much chances are you’re making very little.  The rational mind shuts down when you start making things, and that feeling can be hard to trust.  Try short-circuiting the automatic part of thinking a lot before you pick up the pen, the paint brush or hit the keys on the keyboard with new sensory experiences.  Light a candle, put on some music, get a mint tea or anything else that is a new sensory and now… go!

Allow yourself to follow your energy. There’s a point in every creative process where all systems say go and invite you to take an action and the difference between following your energy and staying stuck is how much you trust yourself— or can have faith in yourself— to listen and do it.

I spend a lot of time in my own life in spiritual practice that seems extreme or a “waste of time” to more practically-minded friends and family who have no idea what I’m doing, but I have learned that when I surrender to my flow and follow my own energy in this way, I am completely lit from within.

Allow yourself to feel how powerful you are.  If you aren’t feeling that confident, immerse yourself in self-loving actions until you feel it.  That’s your magic zone.

Allow yourself to speak. The artists, innovators and creators I know and love are big on speaking up.  It’s how we find affinity with our world and how we start shaping life actively.  While on an energetic level people know what you’re thinking, it’s in the speaking up that things take shape.  Self-expression is alchemy.

Allow yourself to enjoy things. Enough said!

The ultimate “how” to do all these things is to keep creating clear space. In your mind, your heart, your home, your digital world, your spirit and your habits.  You don’t need a special power to do it— you only need that deep, abiding desire to discover more of what’s possible and more of who you are.  Those hidden talents that energy, those buried dreams that get painted in new colors and those people who arrive somewhat mystically at times to help you…  it’s all part of the luck you make.  Every single day.

Stay lighter, live with your own brand of art infusing your space with light, and have so much fun in the process.  It never ends, and it always keeps getting bigger and better.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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