5 Big Feng Shui Ways To Open Life To More Abundance!

Nov 15, 2017 | Prosperity


Abundance is everywhere… waiting for you!!!

But, if you’re living in a space where you need something that hasn’t arrived, abundance is nowhere to be found.

It’s compelling in those moments to look at what you lack and think about how vast and maybe troubling it is, and to rationally search for the reasons why.

And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being rational, and troubleshooting life is always a good thing, that can become something of a habit— focusing on what’s wrong— and in that habit comes lack, limitation and more wrong things.

For 10 seasons of clearing, cleaning, energizing and inspiring, the Feng Shui Camps have guided nearly a thousand of you through the awesomeness of basic energy principles, advanced Feng Shui and priceless creative awakening… and the abundance pours in!   As we get into the New Year mode of decluttering Feng Shui magic for the Catalyst Camp, let’s look at the energetics of abundance and how to bring more of that guiding thought, words and actions into your life every day…!

Nature is Abundance.  Our Nature is abundance.  Check out the plants above and see how amazingly abundant you feel.  Walk through a bursting-fresh Farmer’s Market and see how overflowing you feel.  Sit in a field or hike to get a pure view of Nature and absorb some of that awesomeness.  That abundance is everywhere and it’s life supporting- bringing us clean air, food and even healing powers of medicine and harmony.

When you fill your home with Nature you amplify the abundance everywhere.

If you’ve bought lots of plants and feel perhaps even more overwhelmed, chances are you have clutter at home, and that clutter is being amplified by all this growth in your space.

The solution is so simple: clear the clutter.  Clutter stands in the way of our connection with nature.  It’s like staring at your iPhone in a forest.  You miss the point, and you miss the power.

(Jason & Colleen’s home in Apartment Therapy— so excited to have feng shui designed with them this year!!!) 

Trust the process.

That’s the giant neon installed on one wall of the home above.

Your process is: How you best work, manifest, make and do.  It is all so personal to you… but there is a common thread in all successful processes: Confidence.  You can call it faith.

Deep connection to the idea that all is working out as you go, that you’ll find your right destination, and that you’ll always land on your feet, no matter how bouncy the road gets allows you to create more fully without panic along the way.

Working on the once-empty home above was pure magic, even though you can only see a tiny snapshot (the whole home is HERE!).  It was the most fun long weekend of diving into plants, into craft stores, into fabrics, into… everything.  And we trusted the process.

When you start with a blank slate of a home, it’s easier to trust the process. There’s a lot of clarity, you can add only what you love, and things can build organically.

When you’re trying to add upon what isn’t working (i.e.: what you don’t need or want) in order to make a big shift, you may come up empty-handed in the trust department.  The foundation isn’t clear or solid.  It’s like trying to repair a relationship by taking vacations and going on adventures without actually talking through the resentments that are lingering— eventually you’ll come right back from vacation to stagnation and the clutter of resentment.

Letting go of everything you don’t need or want makes room for this trust to flourish.  From furniture to business problems, from fears to extra steps in getting your work done, the more you let go of the stuff that’s clutter, the more the world will crack wide open to more opportunity because you’ll trust that you can handle more— and that you deserve it!!!

Mind Your Words.

While talking about being rich won’t make you rich all in itself, it will help you trememdously more to talk about abundance and abundant ideas and love and excitement than it will to gossip, criticize or, the dreaded complaining and freaking out about what you don’t have.  If you’re hung up on lack, you’ll find plenty of it!

Try to catch yourself when you start on a roll and reframe your conversation from… “I don’t have…” to “I can’t wait to see how I’m going to get…” and/or any other positive switch that focuses on solutions.  This in itself can save many days from a negative black hole that repells abundance!

Here’s some space clearing to manifest more! It’s all simple, and we don’t need to complicate it at all!

And that brings me to a big one that is looming in almost all of our lives:


Particularly, negative distractions.  Like people screaming on reality TV, endless bad news on social media feeds, our phones, our notifications, our zillions of emails.

We are most effective and magnetic when we are clear of the extra stuff.  While it’s important to be informed, that information flooding in all day and night is way too much.  It consumes mental and emotional bandwidth and swallows up creative energy.

There’s no room for endless negativity in a positive stream of abundance-making.  You can create a more positive space to create and watch your confidence soar as your words start changing from the vibe of “I CAN’T” to the excitement of “I CAN!”

Rest a lot.  I used to think this was lazy, not “abundance minded” and certainly not productive, but naps are critical to my life now and I know I am in a spot of trouble when I am grabbing a tea instead of a nap.  Minds need rest… and, also, your energy field needs time to rejuvenate. 

Have you noticed the glowy nature of the people you admire who seem to prosper far more easily? Many (betting that most) of them have mental rest practices- be it prayer, meditation, long sleep, naps or all of the above!

Sleep and mind rest is a reset.  It will get you out of a negative headspace. It will break you out of a rut.  It can creatively inspire and it will allow you to glow much more with wellness— and this is the truest wealth!

There are countless ways to clear the energetic blocks of clutter in your life.  In the Catalyst Camp we take 8 weeks to sweep them all away- mind, body, spirit, home and even digital mess.  It’s utterly rejuvenating, it’s powerfully enlivening and it will allow so much more of the abundance that’s everywhere to enter your life.

None of this will make you money all on it’s own— but wow will it help you break through the stuck-ness, the money blocks that are most often self-created, the moods and attitudes that push away opportunity— and so, with your active participation, with clear space, you will, as I’ve seen hundreds of times, be ready for more abundance that reveals itself everywhere!

xoxo Dana

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A de-cluttered home is just the beginning.

We create space for more flow, more inspiration, more money-making, more free time, more love, more manifesting and more sustainable living… all in one eight-week immersion!

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