Are You Investing All Your Energy Into Situations Where Your Growth Is Stifled?

Nov 20, 2017 | Feng Shui 101

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Chances are, if you’re pouring your heart and soul into something, you want to have an amazing outcome.

And sometimes, we all have picked situations that were so exciting and worthwhile and full of potential, but all our heart and soul seems to be leading us no where but depleted and maybe a little demoralized.

Are you in a space where you’re investing your heart and soul into getting an outcome that’s draining the life from you in the process?

I’m not talking abut long terms goals that can be a marathon of endurance that is worthwhile. All of those things show us growth and progress, even if it’s in baby steps, along the way.

I’m talking about these types of situations- the job that isn’t apt to change, the relationship that is taking the life from you (because you’re trying so hard) and there’s no sight of growth or willingness on the other end and all you see are the the crumbs of good you’ve accepted rather than the value that you deserve?

These situations are an energetic block. It’s a block we often participate in building.

I know I’ve put immense amounts of effort into people, into past jobs, into situations that had no real growth potential, even after a very long time — and felt myself dwindling in the process.

Today, let’s look at the clutter of these situations that can pull our focus and drain our energy with very little reward. Clearing that clutter can be a total life revolution!

Dead ends. If you know there’s no future, if you know there’s no reciprocity, if you know there’s no promotion or growth being afforded to you in sight… it’s a dead end.

It’s not always a dead end forever. Of course. Things can always change.

But, here’s the enormous question:

Is it worth the investment of your heart, soul and passion into places, people and things that drain you and captivate you with this promise that one day… one day it’s all going to change…???

They are tricky, because in our mind a fantasy takes hold sometimes. “I can be the one who turns the dead end into the opportunity. I can get that promotion, that marriage proposal that’s never arrived, that acknowledgement, that energetic balance where I’m being squashed…”

You just might be that one. But, if it’s taking a disproportional amount of your time, energy, focus and delayed joy to get to that highly prized space off in the nebulous future … is it worth it?

This situations that don’t afford us room to grow are a form of clutter that is often described as a “glass ceiling” or a “one day I’ll be good enough” and, in that dynamic, they can be extremely costly.

There is no scarcity.

Are you holding onto something because there may not be another?

It’s a common clutter issue that we unravel in the Catalyst Camp home & life decluttering process. It’s the deeply emotional idea that there just won’t be another one, so we have to hold onto what isn’t working and not even explore the option that perhaps there’s something better to come in the future.

Here’s some more on scarcity. It’s been the reason I created many fantasies and attachments that made my own life very small.

Tap into your intuition. 

Also, I’m a big advocate of following feelings.

After all, you know what’s best for your life.

Following feelings is different from following habits and patterns.

Your intuition thrives in clear space.

If you’ve been forcing something to work out with tremendous force and nothing’s happening, and you’ve been doing it for some time… that could be a pattern rather than an intuitive voice.

If you’re not sure if it’s worth holding onto something in your life, clear lots of space so your intuition can be free.

  • Take time off, take an alone-time weekend, get well-rested… and clear the clutter from your home, your days and your mind.
  • Nature is always a great place to go to gain clarity.
  • Space clearing at home- from cleaning to clearing and all the feng shui space clearing to get the stuck negative vibes from your home- is a big deal.

Now, how do you feel inside when you think of that situation, that idea or that relationship dynamic? Does it need to change in a real way?

When you’re really clear, especially on how you’re actively participating often in creating the clutter in your life with habits and beliefs that can run on automatic when life gets hectic, you can start creating real freedom.

You may not need to find a new job, friendship, project, or piece of furniture— you may find ways that, practically, truly, can transform these things into growth and freedom.

You may see that there’s a lot to be gained from actually making big changes and fresh starts.

But… doing it from a place where you’ve gathered up your magic is very different than doing it from a place of being depleted, crowded, compelled and smushed by the draining dynamic.

Ive come to see:

Everything is possible when we’re investing our energy into growth in a positive way.  

Everything is not possible when we’re pitching our fortune (including all your time, energy, brilliance and love) into a dead end drain. 

Make that great investment!

Clear space in your life to open up to infinite possibility and growth every single day. It’s so exciting… and so worth the energy… to make room for yourself to flourish!

xoxo Dana

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