Do You Need A Little Extra Cleansing Of Negativity?!

Dec 3, 2017 | Sensory Goodness

Extra help. Energetically. You know- there’s nothing “apparently” wrong but seemingly nothing gets done, nothing makes sense, things feel off.

I know when I need extra. When I am apt to feel like falling asleep during the day for no reason, when I’m up till a rare 3am for no reason, when I feel like things are not landing right even though nothing is wrong.

We are all energy. Life is all energy. And we can see some of the energy. We see color, light, stuff, art…

The rest is feeling. We feel it. We feel tired. We feel inspired. We feel love. We feel flow. We feel stuck.

Things can look great and feel totally wrong. Today, let’s talk about those days, and the feng shui behind creating big freedom when you are ready for some “extra.”


SALT. This pink lake is something of an Australian dream. And when I first saw lakes of salt, and the Dead Sea and later floated in a salt pool so salty that it stung a bit, that was when I realized that salt can be beyond surreal for our bodies and lives.

Salt is also extremely purifying for our energy, in sea salt form it’s remineralizing for our bodies and it’s all-round wonderful for natural relaxation and an energy re-set.

Whenever you need some EXTRA negativity cleansing, salt can be a big, inexpensive, wonderful friend.

If you’re taking salt baths with the usual cup of salt, take it to the next level and do as Dr. Mercola suggests,  

“To get the full benefits of a natural crystal salt bath, the right salt concentration is critical. The salt concentration has to be at least the same as the one of your body fluids (approximately 1%) to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. The formula for a 1% solution is 1.28 ounces of salt per gallon of water.

Since a full tub normally takes from 100 to 120 liters (27-32 gallons) of water, at least 1.2 kg. (2.6 pounds) of natural salt is required.”

20 minutes in a warm bath filled with this much salt is a wild revelation for me. I don’t do it often— I do it when I need “extra.”

NATURE. Any way you can get out in local Nature will powerfully ground your life. Forest bathing is extra-super-powerful. Think of it as your EXTRA!

Shirin-yoku Forest Medicine explains:

” Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Researchers primarily in Japan and South Korea have established a robust body of scientific literature on the health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest. Now their research is helping to establish shinrin-yoku and forest therapy throughout the world.

The idea is simple: if a person simply visits a natural area and walks in a relaxed way there are calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits to be achieved.”

The benefits include: 

“Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells.
Reduced blood pressure
Reduced stress
Improved mood
Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
Increased energy level
Improved sleep” (and much more HERE!)

INTENTION.  Do you remember The Rice Experiment? Posting it here again for you:

Because… intention is EVERYTHING EXTRA.

Your powerful intention will reshape the universe.

That intention thrives in CLEAR SPACE. In space where you aren’t pulled in a zillion directions. Where you can focus. Where you have room in your mind and lightness in your spirit. Where you have the extra doses of power to make things happen.

Make that space in your life for your thoughts. Your prayer. Your walks. Your passions.

Everything EXTRA is waiting in that clear space!

xoxo Dana

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