10 Things To Know About Clutter Clearing That Can Bring Your Dreams To Life!

Dec 13, 2017 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101, Prosperity

Are you ready to make huge amounts of space in the New Year for your dreams to flourish?

There’s one core principle that I apply to everything- from relationships to personal healing to homes and manifesting dreams— if something’s stuck, it means there’s clutter in the way.

Today, let’s demystify the process of clearing all of life of clutter.  It’s sometimes so overwhelming that it can be hard to approach.  It’s sometimes so maddening that it feels like there’s no progress.

But… if you get grounded in your power right now and decide to clear your home and life of anything standing between you and what you want, you will be unstoppable! 

I’ve now hit well over 10,000 hours of guiding people through clearing clutter in Catalyst Camp every year, and while that means for some that I’ve mastered it— it’s not really something to master.   It’s so individual, so personal, so layered… and so deeply life-changing… to clear clutter from your home, habits and pretty much everything you can imagine.  And it all starts with you knowing just how powerful you are!

1. You can change anything. 

Anything.  Yes, you can.  If you truly believe you can, you’re on the way.

If you don’t believe you can, you might be on too high of a gradient.  Imagine how confused you may have been if you skipped from First Grade to Eight Grade in school?  Technically you may have been plenty intelligent enough, but skipping the process and some knowledge that builds over the years to get you into Eighth Grade may leave you with these gaping holes in your skill sets  (ie: math skills or even history lessons) that build upon each other.

We all like to skip steps as adults.  The shortcut, the easy road, the all-or-nothing investments… and the gamble sometimes pays off but often freaks us out, confuses and overwhelms us… and then… we sort of back off from trying again.

2. You can make anything happen.  Anything at all.  Step-by-step.  Sometimes it’s instant.  Often, it’s a daily doing, one step to the next.

3. You can do things without struggling.  Why do we struggle so much to get what we want? I’ve been observing answers to this- and I have no concrete single answer- but when I see a lot of struggle I usually hear things like “my life shouldn’t be like this and I have to fix it immediately” or “No pain, no gain.”   But pain isn’t gain.  And forcing stuff isn’t a road to super-success.

Doing my job, you’d think I’m an advocate for a lesiurely life.  But, it’s quite the opposite.  I “worked” more often than not 80, 90 or more hours a week and definitely did my share of 18 hour days to build something I love to do.  It’s because I don’t struggle that I’ve been able to do this and still have an awesomely fun life… but it’s not a beach party, even now, years later.   Pasionately engaging in life is totally awesome— and this is not a struggle.

You can be just as passionate about clearing your life of obstacles as you are about anything else.  It’s just the energy that you approach things with that makes the difference!  Be lighter— and be inspired— and it all becomes easier…!

4. Everything is a process.  Let the process happen.  Even if it’s daunting some days, it’s so well-worth-it!!!

5. You have not missed your opportunity.  I thought I missed about 5 huge opportunities to be ultra-successful, settled and in love with my life.  They were all handed to me before I was 25.  And after that, squandering all these mega-opportunities,  I convinced myself my ship had sailed and I was doomed to do nothing.

There are always opportunities.  No matter what age, what circumstances, what number of times you may not have reached the finish line.  There are ALWAYS the same huge opportunities.  The clutter of regret and percieved failure can cloud them, but they are there, waiting for you!

6. You’re going to not want to do things- maybe often! I don’t know a single person who has cleared their life of toxic stuff or created something amazing that didn’t have days – many of them- that they’d rather do anyting else.  It’s not a mystic state of perfect bliss.  We all have days, and it’s worth honoring how yu feel.

7. Your energy is more important than anything.  Anything.  Do whatever you hve to do, but make room for happiness.  It is everything.  Success in anything isn’t truly success if you’re feeling trapped or miserable in any way.

8. There’s no secret message that only a few people know.  I know, there are so many secrets.  Secrets to text messaging potential love interests, investing in secret schemes, marketing, blah, blah, blah. There are best practices and lots of great information is everywhere— but YOU are the secret to your own path.  Uncovering more of who you are will guide you brilliantly.  I’ve seen it so many times I am certain of this.

9. Celebration is non-optional. If you don’t celebrate, you will lose steam.

10. Creativity is our “mystical” power. That secret power to manifest, law of attraction, secret fourtune and luck building stuff is none other than your imagination and creativity. If it’s blocked in clutter, confusion and worry, you’re likely not sitting in your creative power and that’s OK.   It happens to all of us.  What matters is that you free yourself.  Letting go of the worry, the pressure, the stuff, the disorganization, the avoidance… it can crack the world wide open!!

Let go of what stands in your way, step-by-step, with moe ease, with more passion, with more of YOU leading the charge… and the right next steps will show themselves to you.

This is super-exciting, super-freeing, and the reason why I love the energy and power of clutter clearing so much.  It’s not just dumping and donating— it’s freeing yourself of all the things that stand in the way of you being who you magnificently are.  And you are brilliant…!



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