Your Numerology For 2018 Is Here And It’s A Year Of Synergy!

Dec 15, 2017 | Feng Shui 101

We are headed into a Universal Fresh Start!!! I love that numerology confirms what I’ve been feeling- have you been feeling it, too?- that a new cycle of life is upon us in 2018… and it’s going to be amazing!

While I’m not one to love future predictions (we create the future!) I am very much interested in themes and focus.  Numbers have been used through history to express energies that can highlight worthwhile themes if you resonate with them.  I always marvel at how I feel a certain energy and then see it confirmed in these number themes!

My sister Nicole Claudat is a super-gifted intuitive numerologist and today she shares so much about the numerological energies of 2018 and how you can harness them to make this a superpowered year!

Numerology dates back thousands of years and was used by many different cultures as a way for our ancient ancestors to understand people and the world around them. There are many different forms of numerology – there is Chaldean which originated in Babylonia, we have Chinese numerology dating back to 4,000 years ago, and Pythagorean numerology, named after the father of geometry, Pythagoras, dating back to the 6th century B.C. in Greece.

The belief in numerology is that all numbers and letters resonate energy –   Specific calculations of these letters and numbers provide insight into our personality traits, and areas where we experience either strength or difficulty.  You can consider each number as having a personality or essence and depending on where it rests in your chart, and it’s relationship with other numbers in different areas of your chart…it can facilitate growth and enlightenment, or it can present lessons that need to be learned.

Universal Year and Personal Year:

Every year of your life and of our planet, is part of an evolving pattern of a 9 stage cycle. There are many cycles that run concurrently, but the two main cycles are the personal year and the universal year. The cycles run 1 through 9, and depending on your birthday, we don’t always start out from the 1st cycle. Each new year you will proceed to the next stage, until you reach 9, where the cycle begins again at 1. Each period contains knowledge to be accumulated, lessons to be learned and challenges to be faced. Each number necessarily needs to precede the other, for each number brings us tools to help us with the next stage of development.

A universal year number relates to the energy of the world as a whole, and events during a specific universal year tend to resonate with the energies represented by the number. The universal year number is a blanket of energy and denotes where we are going as a collective body of people.

A personal year number, on the other hand, is more individualistic and gives you insight into where you are, where you are going and how to approach situations in the new year. It can answer the questions of “What should I do this year?” , “How should I approach situations in my life?” and “What should I expect this upcoming year to teach me?”.

It is important to note that the amount of influence your Universal year number has in your life is partly dependent upon your personal year number. When the two numbers are of the same or have similar energy, the universal year will have more of an impact on your life.*


Here is a chart to show you the compatibility of numbers. 


How To Calculate Universal Year Number:

You can calculate the Universal year number by adding the digits of the year in question. For example, using the upcoming year 2018, you would add each digit together and reduce it to a single digit. In this example of our upcoming year, you would add, (2+0+1+8) and that would equal 11. You would then further reduce the number 11 to a single digit by adding (1+1) which equals 2.


2018= Universal Year Number 2:

The number 2 represents collectivity, cooperation, patience and team work. The universal year of the 1 was a time to plan for the future, and as comes with the energy of the 1, it was very individualistic in nature. The universal year of the 1 was a time to express and hone in on our uniqueness and was a big time to overcome negativity.

Now, that we are approaching the universal year of the 2, we will see a shift towards collective efforts, collaborations, and intuition will be running high. This will be a year that will require diplomacy, understanding and patience. The seeds were planted individually in the year of the one, but now is the time to collectively come together in our efforts. It is important to not get discouraged if we do not see the fruits of our hard work right away, for this is a time for patience as well.

Teamwork will be very important on a global scale and that requires cooperation and understanding.

In order to calculate your Personal Year, you must first determine the Universal Year Number (and for 2018, we now know it is 2)

Next, to calculate your personal year you will add the number value of your Month of birth, Day of birth, and the Universal year.

I will show you an example of someone born on December 10 with the 2 universal year. It is important to remember to reduce each value to a single digit before adding all the numbers together.

December is the 12th calendar month = 12, add 1 +2 = 3

10 is the day of birth = add 1 +0 = 1

Universal Year = 2

3 + 1 + 2 = 6

Personal Year = 6


Here are some themes for your Personal Year energies:


Personal Year 1: A year of new beginnings and fresh starts

This is the perfect time to lay down the foundation for a new business, career, or relationship and jumpstart exciting and new projects. The number 1 personal year signifies the completion of the previous nine year cycle and the beginning of a new one. All the lessons that were learned in the last nine-year cycle are finally having an opportunity to be actualized as the new year rolls in. This is not a time to sit on your laurels, as you have been waiting for this moment for the last nine years. Set your goals high. This will be a time of high energy and creativity. Take charge of your life, make decisive decisions, be courageous and stay focused and organized. This is a year of opportunities.


Personal Year 2: A year of relationships, sensitivity, and cooperation

In the previous year, the focus was on starting new ventures and “planting the seeds” of what you desire. The next step is to learn the virtue of patience, and through patience we learn to trust ourselves, others, and the universe. This is a time of high intuition. In this year avoid making decisions without seriously evaluating all outcomes. This is also a time to learn about partnerships and cooperation with others. This year may come with seemingly more obstacles that previous years, but it is important to understand that every year has some obstacles, but this year they will seem bigger because of your new desires that were laid down in the personal year of the 1.  Patience is key here. Resist fear, resist negativity, be patient, enjoy relationships, and believe in yourself.


Personal Year 3: A year of motivation, creativity and inspiration

This year is a year to enjoy friends, laugh often, and have an active social life. This is said to be a good financial year and a time where you may find yourself wanting to be more expressive and creative artistically. This is a year where you will spend a large amount of time enjoying other people’s company.   The key to being successful in this personal year is to avoid, “spreading yourself too thin”, and scattering your energy. Avoid being self-indigent and impulsive, as this will impede your spiritual evolution.


Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, discipline and opportunities

This is a year to be more organized, flexible and practical. Details must be attended to and hard work is in order, both mentally and physically. With this personal year, you may feel limited and frustrated, but you do not need to be.   It’s time to “get to work”.   This is a time to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way. If you have over-indulged in the personal year of the 3, now is the time to get everything back into order and shape.


Personal Year 5: A year of change, freedom, and unpredictability

The year of freedom, variety, travel and change. This is a time to take risks. You will find yourself having to make decisions on the fly, instead of being able to mull over all outcomes. It’s a time of spontaneity.   Be ready to expect and embrace the exciting unexpected, yet be weary of the desire to over-indulge in alcohol, food, and sex. Most importantly, keep promises and commitments you have made, despite your desire to avoid responsibility. Stay on track and have fun. Be constructive without being destructive.


Personal Year 6: A year of responsibility, domestic affairs, and service

This year is about love, your home and responsibilities. You may find many people during this year confiding in you and asking for your help. In the personal year of the 6, keep your energy fied strong so that no one will use you, step on you or take advantage of you.   Since this is a year of selflessness and giving, be aware of who you become close to as they may leave you emotionally drained.   During this year, you’ll give people strength and confidence.  This is a time to create a haven for balance and harmonious relationships. Redecorate your home and build a garden. Create a sanctuary.   This is a wonderful personal year to get married and start a home.


Personal Year 7: A year of contemplation, self-awareness, and spiritual atonement

This is a year to be introspective, a year to reflect on the past and contemplate the future. This is a year to garner the ability to be alone and feel comfortable. Introspection, meditation, contemplation, learning, reading, are all key elements of the 7 year. You might want to work on developing a deeper faith in spirituality and/or be open-minded towards occult subjects.   This is a time of wisdom and trying to get to know yourself better. Embrace it. This is a time to fully get to know yourself and a great time to give up any substance, like drugs, alcohol or psychotropics, that inhibit the pure ability of knowing.


Personal Year 8: A year of reward, respect, and recognition

Money, Power, Success. This is the year to fully take charge. You’ve learned what you need and paid your dues to get this far, now let’s see the rewards. Put the pedal to the metal, your nose to the grindstone and make some financial gain. You learned all about yourself in the year of the 7, now believe it and shine. Make decisions with the mind you finely tuned last year and not your heart.  


Personal Year 9: A year of completion, release, and transformation

Now is the time to get into gear and reflect on the cycles past. Realize what you need, who you need, and most importantly, what you do not need.   Cast it away and never look back for this is a time to “clean house”.   You are gearing up to start a new cycle and should get rid of what brought you down in your current cycle. This is a time to choose what you want to take with you as you embark on your next journey.


& Whatever year it is in numbers for you… it’s a going to be an amazing year!!!  

xoxo!!!   Dana 

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!




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