5 Feng Shui Ways To Get So Focused That You’re Unstoppable!

Dec 17, 2017 | Creativity

Focus is really life-shaping. It takes us down the right paths. It moves like forward in ways that feel like destiny.

In fact, with enough directed energy people believe (and have demonstrated) that they can bend forks, move things with their mind and even manifest things out of thin air. And not as a magic trick. This is some far-out energy focus that I’ve only seen done by one person in my life… and it was wild.

I thought I was that focused, and that’s why, when things were not getting done, I would flip out. If all my focus couldn’t finish a simple project, how could I ever do the big things?

I wasn’t that focused.

I’ve come to see there are a few ways to know just how focused I am, and if I’m not that focused, there are a few big ways to get that life-shaping focus back!

Are you ready to move mountains with your mind and shape life with your intention?!

Ok, so imagine things are not going as planned or simply not getting done no matter how many hours you “work.” Things feel good, but hazy. You realize that something’s not right.   And, you wonder what it could be… and you think a lot about it trying to find a cause… and you may panic… or you may convince yourself you’re not lucky and quit…

But, how do you know when it’s actually just more focus that you need?

The dead give-away— you simply can’t focus at all. You can’t sit at work and imagine doing anything from start to finish. You are totally preoccupied or just anxious but definitely not focused

You are worried. When you’re here 100%, there’s no time for worry because you’re fully engaged. Yes, you might worry a bit before or after or anticipating a big test or a big meeting. When you get there, though, if you’re 100% there and focused, that all falls away to a moment-by-moment presence.

You’re hedging your bets. Whenever I start reasoning, “Well, if this isn’t going to work than you know, I’ll do something else…” that means I’m really not committed. My intention isn’t clear. I’m not in it, I’m acting my way (poorly) through it. It’s true that not every moment works out as we anticipate, but if you’re approaching things from a sense of effect (let’s see what happens, if not this then…we’ll see) instead of cause (I am making this happen, and I won’t stop until I find the path.) you’re likely not using your magic of intention. I know because I used to live in this idle hope and to save myself from disappointment I would only give just so much and would quit if things were not going my way instantly.

How much can you see it? Close your eyes and get quiet. Try to form a movie in your mind of exactly what you’re aiming for. How clear is the picture? How long can you get lost in that picture before you get totally distracted? How hazy or without color or life or detail is the picture? This is a big tell-take sign for me that I am not actively focused.

You start thinking that other forces or energies or people are more powerful and can stop you. They can not. In fact, if people send bad vibes your way, they are doing nothing more than perhaps annoying you if you allow it, and harming themselves in the process. Wishing bad upon others is a big form of self-destruction. If you find yourself looking for a fortune-teller, psychic prediction or other vehicle to show you the way or assure you of success, you are likely not in the process and you aren’t making life happen with your focus.   It’s way more powerful and certain to create the future than to hope for a prediction of it.

You’re not feeling connected. Meaning: you are not feeling that energy of greatness. I know when I’m just typing something to get it done and I know when I’m writing. You do, too. It’s a sense of connection. It’s not always a brilliant flow to get the brilliant writing done, but it’s pretty meaningful. You feel the energy. You aren’t in your head, you’re in your body.

And that’s what I think get’s missed about focus a lot of the time. It’s not all a mind thing. It’s an energy thing. It’s your whole self invested in your day, your dreams, your actions, your outcomes. It’s not your head or the mechanisms in your brain, it’s your full-body, heart and soul type action. It doesn’t require mind games— it’s a feeling. It’s creative power. It’s electricity.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be elated every minute. It does mean you’ll feel wholly in it. And you’ll make far more happen without force.

If you aren’t feeling that unbreakable sense of your power making things happen, one huge thing that can help is to simplify.

Start here: 

Simplify what you see. Too much stuff leads to too much bandwidth taken up in your brain. See less junk around you and you’ll be so much more focused on what you want. Sitting at a clear desk vs. sitting at a desk piled with papers— they are very different experiences, right?

Clear distractions. There are distractions everywhere. The biggest are the sneaky ones like text messages, social media news feeds, background noise of TV… If you’re not feeling powerful, unplug for a day or two and you’ll be surprised just how powerful you are.

Shut down the noise. Other people’s opinions, your own judgements, too much information. It’s rally hard to be cause when you’re continually the effect of things.

Eliminate what’s not essential. Oh, the joy of simplifying what you’ve got on your plate. Chances are there are more than a few non-essential things that can go for the sake of your peace of mind.

And from here, how do you feel, with all this lighter life?

Each and every step toward clarity makes for the magic of focus. It’s how you manifest (no ancient formulas required!) and how you stay the course. It’s your best success secret. It’s the breaker of barriers and the opener of doors.

If you’re not focused you may just be blocked.

Clutter in life is that block, no matter how it shows itself.

Clear that clutter and you’re on the way to a more powerfully unstoppable you!



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