Fresh Starts, Big Changes & All The Paradigm Shifts You Want Are Waiting…!

Jan 3, 2018 | Creativity


Fresh starts and big changes and all the paradigm shifts in the world are amazing.

And weird, sometimes, too.

When you want something badly enough you’ll find a way, but along the way, it may not be all smooth sailing. And, that’s truly awesome. It means you’re really clearing out the closets, opening the cans of worms and slaying demons.

We know when we’re ready… but then, there’s a ton of moments at the starting block before the first steps begin where it’s all too easy to bail.

If you’re feeling amped up about making a fresh start, it’s easy to dive in with both feet and never look back… that is, until the amped up feeling wears off and then it’s kind of tempting to slowly pull back because, well, it’s so weird to have all these new feelings.

If you’re feeling unsure about where to start making a fresh start, it can be easiest to sit and think about it a lot before making a move. And, keep on thinking. That thinking may become it’s own great big blockade to actually doing anything.

Both of these are normal in everything I’ve lived and observed: it’s all that burning desire meeting with the force of old habits that feel normal.

If you’re ready to actually carry through your change-making — and I know you are— you can use your space to support your dreams actually coming true!!!

In Feng Shui, you shift your space to change the paradigm of what’s “normal.” The outside of life is a mirror of the inside of life. We shake up space and we shake up life at the same time.

When your “normal” space is suddenly more inspiring, more energized, more everything that feels great, it’s more “normal” to keep on reaching for your feel-great goals than it is to worry about past or rehash yesterday.

Clear the comparisons & compulsions online.  If ever there was a great way to make change, clearing the messages that make you feel less can be everything you need. If you’re looking at why you don’t stack up to people on a computer, you’re keeping yourself stuck. Unfollow, delete, filter and block any of the negativity in your digital life and you’re going to notice it almost instantly.   Decide to shut off your phone at a certain hour  (*8pm for me is magic!) and you’ll be so much lighter and sleep so much more soundly. I realized just how addicted I was to 1. my work 2. my research 3. the phone when I started doing this. It’s huge change-making!

Don’t look to shortcuts. I subscribed to an investment newsletter because I had no idea how to buy stock and it seemed simple to learn from these shortcut techniques that were going to be clearly articulated. Instead, I realize that I paid (!!!) to be spammed daily with scam investment opportunities and thousands of dollars in upsell programs to really create shortcuts that seemed highly-improbable.

I talked to a friend who has been investing for years and the advice I got was simple: study what you need to know, find out what companies you believe in and do small and easy investments (or start with mock investments) to test out your theories. This was the advice I got, and it was not a shortcut. It took time, nearly 6 months rather than 6 minutes, and I found that all my “mock” picks were really good ones once I studied.

While I’m not a financial advisor, I now know better- the scam newsletter is sent to my spam now.

Find your own best ways, but realize that shortcuts are not a substitute for doing things. &They can get you started, but they’re not really the end game.   I mean, if these newsletter investment people had such magic knowledge to make astonishing money from $100, why would they need to do a newsletter? (I wish I thought of that before I began!)

Finish what you start.  Because finishing is what’s most important to build momentum. Unfinished projects will keep you from moving forward. They’re loaded with excuses, with drama, with overwhelm and guilt and all sorts of other stuck emotion and energy. Break your big project down into small steps and you’ll always be finishing something… and that’s a big deal.

Easy choices are different than shortcuts- they’re great to counteract resistance. Easy choices are the things that aren’t going to turn your life upside down in order to begin. Taking horseback riding lessons at a school is an easier choice than buying horses to learn how to ride. Downloading a short yoga class and getting familiar on your own schedule for a while can be way easier than fitting 4 big studio classes into your days. Easy and small choices stick.  They’re more likely to grow. They’re more likely to expand. They feel good. They build success vibes.

Get comfortable with success.  If there’s one thing that boggles my mind, it’s how utterly uncomfortable it is sometimes to succeed in some part of life you’re used to being really stuck in. If you’re not used to healthy relationships, when you find one it can be… bizarre. If you’re not used to great jobs, you may not know what to do when you find one.

A friend called with a big work crisis. I thought she was in trouble. After a minute or two I realized that her job was actually more than she’d ever imagined it could be perfect, she was treated kindly, she has unlimited vacation time, more money than ever and so much creative freedom… and she was flipping out. That’s it’s own kind of trouble!

Get used to success. Celebrate every single little thing you accomplish so you’re used to being victorious. Acknowledge all you’ve created. Be excited about what you’ve learned. When you’re living this way, success is the new normal.

And… see love around you everywhere. 

If you’re looking to Feng Shui your space, start with this easy choice:


Let it grow and grow.

Paradigm shifts are completely epic, and they’re created moment by moment. Give yourself those moments!



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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


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