Being Bored Is A Brilliant Sign From The Universe

Jan 10, 2018 | Creativity


Bored is something I’ve felt shame at admitting. Maybe you feel the same.

By ignoring boredom, though, it takes on a life of its own as sadness, exhaustion, burnout, creative blocks and a sense that everything is useless.

Bored as defined at weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.

I might add that boredom is also: robotic, exhausted, disconnected. And, it can be the death of goals and dreams.

I hit such a place of extreme boredom that it scared me. I didn’t know what happened to my passion and energy. I didn’t want to admit it to anyone. After nearly a year (yes, a year) of trying to fight against this sinking dread I broke down and said I was ready to quit my whole life and start over. Yeah, it was dramatic.

I was so over everything, and I knew that I had no idea where it began and I knew that I was not being awesomely in service to myself pretending it would go away if I took a trip or went on vacation or dyed my hair (my hair almost became three different colors during this time..)

There’s nothing as dramatic as being ready to walk away from something to see what’s been so wrong in such high definition.

And, there’s nothing like being OK with how you feel to get to the bottom of things .Even if you feel ungrateful and stuck in a robotic haze.

My boredom- that spiraled into burnout, heartbreaking monotony, a feeling that I was trapped in my days- was my path to a life far more amazing that I could have ever imagined.   All the “thinking” and “reasoning” I was trying to do fell away and suddenly I could feel things again, and could feel my way to the projects, ideas, deep changes… everything that I’d been trying to “figure out” started to get clear when I finally admitted how totally bored I was.

Bored isn’t as much an emotion as it is an amazing sign from the universe that it’s time to live more.


That feeling of “no feeling”, phoning in your your work, feeling the effect of your days— it’s like your body, mind and soul are all trying so hard at once to tell you that they’ve had enough of the treadmill that they’ve been on.

Bored can signal all kinds of downward spirals. They don’t have to be downward spirals.

That feeling isn’t telling you that you’re not enough, that you’ve missed the boat or you’re unloveable… it’s more a warning sign that your lifestyle and choices are steering you way farther away from love and opportunity every day. It’s almost like the world is telling you… “Hey, you’re on the wrong track with all this repetitive nonsense, so please get back to what you love so we can carry on!”

You can try to entertain yourself when you’re bored, but that doesn’t fix it because you’re soul won’t feel free after watching Netflix most of the time, you know?

You can try to lay some action-steps into your days. Waking up to do yoga, taking a class, etc, etc. But, then, you’re both frustrated and fried and still bored.

You can also complain about it. That’s a great way to make the boredom a centerpiece of your life.

These are my go-to steps to beat boredom. They sort of normalize boredom, though, because instead of seeing that state of being as a sign, we start seeing that boredom as some sort of a faulty calculation in our mind.

I shouldn’t be bored, I should be grateful.  

I get to do fun things, I am not thinking right about this.  

I’m so blessed it’s a sin that I’ve been so bored.  

Look at how lucky I am, I have no right to be bored. 

What if being bored was a blessing?

What if you’re feeling numb and exasperated and stuck and over everything because your mind, body, soul and all the cosmic forces around you are telling you very clearly that you’re lowballing yourself, you’re living so small, you’re not using your gifts and you’re not living enough of your own life?

That’s what boredom is in so many ways. It’s your life telling you to live deeper.

Don’t cover-up your boredom in a haze of Internet surfing and text messaging and TV and every other life-cluttering escape you can find for amusement.

You don’t have time to waste like that, lost in a haze.

Look into it. Look into your boredom.

Where are you not showing up as yourself ?

Where are you lowballing yourself?

Where are you hiding, holding yourself back…?

Where are you not speaking, not standing up and swallowing your truth?

This is the gift of boredom.

It will show you exactly how far you are from your mark. It will show you how much truth you’re missing. It will show you why you’re not moving forward and how you’re wasting your time.

It’s like an alarm sounding when you’re someplace- or many places- you don’t need to be.

Don’t be ashamed that you’ve been bored. It’s not a sin to realize you’ve got so much more of you to bring to your life, so many more passions and talents to dive into.

Boredom can be a blessing. It’s your internal guidance system steering you back to a larger life.

It’s a golden opportunity. A gift. A guide.

Seize it. Trust it. Let it lead you back to the path that sets your soul on fire.





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