A Manifestation Secret That Can Light Up Your Days

Jan 18, 2018 | Prosperity

This one I am bold enough to say is nearly universal.

It’s something I can’t say enough about in it’s effects, but the action is so easy it’s incredible.

Shut off your phone and live your life. 

It’s pure magic what can happen. 

My friend sent me a message months ago.  “My phone has tentacles. It really messes with my manifesting. I can’t deal with it.”

Turn out, the more her phone was off, the more magic she saw in her life.

Stubborn and full of excuses — my work is online, I need to post things, I have messages to check all the time— I let this be something to try “later.”

Later came fast. After she said that, I started to notice how I felt after starting for five or ten minutes at a screen, and how incredibly often I was doing it. I noticed when my mood shifted. I noticed when I lost focus.

So, I shut off my phone at 8:30pm one night and started noticing more things. Namely, how much time I had without looking at random posts. How many racing thoughts I had, wanting to research things at 9pm, 10pm, what was the name of that restaurant? what was that face mask with aloe? None of it was urgent or important, it was all this mess of noise, and I had never realized my life was filled with this stuff.

How much I reached for that phone- even when it was off – was startling.

My life was being flooded and interrupted in these little spurts I was staring at a screen. All Day Long.

And, I noticed that I wasn’t alone. At the grocery store. At stop signs. On the streets. In meetings. So many people with eyes darting to their phone, walking like zombies. I know. I was one of them.

I started leaving my phone off much more to see where it would take me. If I wanted to use the camera, I would leave it on airplane mode.

It was the real “law of attraction.”


Things started happening.

I had more time. Lagging mail was opened, I started enjoying walks and seeing the beauty I missed in the city. Things were more deeply organized, quickly. Projects I’ve wanted to do were done easily.  

And big things started happening. Calls, opportunities, gifts, the right ideas…

I started to become more intuitive.

My focus became so much more clear.

And I no longer felt the urgency to “check my phone” at all.

This is easy stuff.

It doesn’t take a method to do it.

I’ll tell you, the first few days were the most confronting for mw: I saw how many things I loved really weren’t getting done while I was scrolling, googling, pinning on Pinterest and watching You Tube, texting and checking things all day.   I never thought I would lose sight of things because of a little digital device, and I didn’t think I had lost sight of these things… until I stepped away.

I also saw how scattered my mind could become when I was over-indulging in this digital haze. That was humbling and unpleasant. But, so freeing. My mind went from a soup of ideas to a laser beam.

This changes a lot of things, very quickly, in my experience.

If you’ve had a hard time with focus, passion or making things happen (aka, “manifesting”) it’s worth giving it a go. Keep your phone off more.

The only thing you have to lose is the time you spend looking at random things on a screen. The potential gain of precious time, excitement, deep connection to life and possibly the manifesting of your dreams is pretty much worth a try!

xoxo Dana

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