Are You Ready To Dive In And Make A Huge Change?

Jan 23, 2018 | Prosperity

Those pivot points- the big forks in the road- the deep feeling of reinventing life in some huge way- are thrilling and scary all at once.

Sometimes, it’s so instant that you can both be ready and also dive into action.

Sometimes, there’s a wavering process.

You’re so ready for a change, but so not sure what will come of it or it’s crazy scary.

It’s like you have an instant – or a week, or a season- where all of life is confirming what you’re feeling.  Your dream of a new type of lifestyle, a new paradigm, a new picture of what you can do or have that’s so novel, completely new from what you’ve been doing, or a definite switch to the usual, is starting to take shape.

You can ignore all the signs and all the signals and all the opportunities and stay where you are, or you can make that huge pivot.

What do you do?

I personally don’t think everyone “should” pivot just because the world seems to be lining up at a certain time if it feels like it’s terrifying. I mean, we shouldn’t do anything. Especially if it feels not 100% great.

If I had taken the first leap out of my old career as soon as I had a wave of press and attention, I would have skipped a lot of steps, created a lot of stress, I didn’t know what I didn’t know…. but, more than that, I had a feeling deep down that it wasn’t the time yet.

A year later, without hesitation, I cinematically waltzed out of my office after an incident of very inappropriate comments were the very last sign I needed, and I never looked back.  Not a cell of my body questioned the direction. Not a single bit of my mind spent even three seconds quetioning what I did, or how I did it, because, to the best of my awareness, I was totally ready.

Even without a strict plan, my whole body and mind were engaged.  Everything 10X’d in a month, then again, then again.

My pivots have always gone that way when I was ready.

When I pushed myself to be ready, things were a mess. Truly.  Panic, regret, fear, all of it.

I know now to trust if not my mind, my body.

You may have a deep longing to turn everything around in your life.  If you’re 100% there, and it indicates to you viscerally, chances are, you’re needing whatever you’re being called to and you’re likely to never turn back and wonder why you did what you did.

If you’re not sure, if you’re looking outside of yourself for lots of confirmation, you may not need to look far.

When I wasn’t ready for a huge shift, and I pushed myself off a cliff,  it was not awesome. Stress and worry and regret had a louder voice than what I actually wanted to do.

But, when those feelings of need-for-change moved me forward to a next step, and a next, this was so so powerful.

Feelings matter.


Feel out those ready-for-a-big-change moments.

They may be readiness for a big change.  They may be readiness for a next step that leads into change at whatever pace it takes.

It’s not cheating to start a business while you have a job, take weekend trips before doing a year of backpaking or taking a small class before you dive into a PhD.

Both are equally valid!

Even if live is giving you so many signs that you’re on the right track, it doesn’t mean you have to forsake all that you know and go so deep and so big with the change that it’s all-or-nothing.

It may seem glamorous to go big all at once, but it’s not always the best path.  Only you know what that best path is.  Tune out the glamour and the heroic stories and tune into what your body is telling you is the best thing to do.

“All or Nothing”  may lead to nothing. Unless you’re so ready that you’re moved to just dive in.

“All” or “Some next step” my help you get further than you ever imagined.



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