Letting Go Of The Energy That Keeps Things You Want From Arriving Easily

Feb 6, 2018 | Prosperity


Stress. It takes us out of life. It puts us in our heads or ready to run from the moment in our bodies.

It’s the energy that keeps things we want and need from coming with ease.

A little stress is unavoidable.

Let’s just say, we’re all stressed sometimes, and if stress crashed all of life we would be in big trouble.

Stress in extremes or habits is more like static or blurr.  It makes it less possible to see the best solutions.  It makes it far easier to look at what can go wrong instead of what is right and how to get more of it.

We are like antennas.

We can actually- and this is proven- feel other people’s feelings.  It’s very powerful when you’re in a room with people.  It’s why meetings can be so telling- you pick up emotions on a subtle and very real level from everyone around you.

Those “feelings” are telling.

So, people can feel if you’re wildly under stress.  They can also feel if you’re feeling great.

Does this mean if you’re nervous that your life will fall apart or if you’re under pressure that you won’t make money? Or if you’re having a hard time nothing good can happen?


This is part of why I freak out when I hear people saying that “you can only manifest things in bliss/ joy/ total certainty/ etc.

That’s just not true.  I see no evidence of this anywhere.

But:  it does make a great case for relaxing more. Even when it seems unrealistic to relax, it’s highly beneficial.

You can call what you want, but stress is sort of the opposite of creative power.

You’re more likely to be able to bring 100000% to the table if you’re in the present moment and at ease than if you’re in a frenzy and feeling the “fight or flight” adrenaline telling your body to run.

It is true- and has been proven, that higher vibes make for more impact, infuence and positive effects.

It may not happen overnight that you go from a stress habit to a blissful ease habit, but every time you let some of the pressure out of life you open the door to more and more of what you’re after.

Wellness. Confidence. Intuition. Creative power. Love.  Clarity.  Receptiveness. Peace.

Abundance on all levels.

So, today, if you find yourself in stress, take a few breaths and see if you can shake it off, walk it off, paint or write or draw it out of you… and even that ten minutes is a shift.

Creating a santuary at home is one awesome way to make this shift to more ease and abundance far easier.

Soon, the now-infamously-exciting Cash Camp free wealth videos are coming, and you can sign on here to get them as soon as they arrive!

In the meantime, keep on lightening up your space and letting yourself breathe out pressure and anxiety.  On the other side you’ll find answers – and so much more- waiting!

xoxo Dana



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