Moving Life Higher When Your Faith Is Being Tested!

Feb 15, 2018 | Prosperity


Yes, your intention. Blazing bright.

A long time ago I made THIS video about Gordon, who can move me out of a deep sleep with his mind.

This is just how powerful we are.

Not too long ago, I did the Rice Experiment and saw on a cellular level just how insane our intention can focus on desired results and achieve them.

If you’re in a space where things are off or absolutely everything is tumbling down around you, it helps to know that you still have that radically strong intention. If you’re having a bad day, a terrible month or a crazy season, you’ve still got it.  It just gets harder to access that superpower when you’re tempted to look at the walls coming down, the arguments, the chaos or the bills piling up…

I know.

Every so often my faith is tested, sometimes bringing me to my knees.  I think it’s universal. No one is immune to it, and yet, I know it’s not what we like to focus on, but it’s where the real “blocks” are dismantled and the real next level emerges.

It’s made me ask myself in these times of “How can I move on through so much hell?” things like…

Just how powerful are you?

Just how able are you to break through the darkness?

If you think back to a time when things were all lining up perfectly, when everything was going your way, that’s the time that it’s so easy to believe in your intention, your energy and your focus and your determination.

It’s easy to have faith when everything is right.

It’s less of a simple feat to sit in a space of everything seemingly/actually wrong and, from that place, know that these same abilities are  still here for you.

There’s some feng shui that’s helped me, my Campers, my clients and my friends in times of “Am I cursed? Am I out of luck? What kind of dark pit have I fallen into?”  It’s all about, basically, being as real, as true and as powerful as you are.  No tricks, gaming the system or shortcuts required.

Faith is an active proposition.  It’s your energy in action.

Feel it.  Anxiety happens when we’re out of sync.  Heaviness and emotional weight only become heavy when we’re committed to being positive all the time.

I know, if you’re practicing the Law of Attraction you have to feel good to manifest good things… but if you’re scared, hurt, upset, grieving, panicked, angry or anything else and you’re forcing yourself to ignore it because it’s bad for your “manifesting”— guess what?

It will stay. It will last.  It will persist.  And, the “universe” (and everyone else around you) isn’t going to be tricked by the smile you slap on your face and the “It’s all good.” that you’re saying.  Sometimes it’s not all good, and feeling it is the way to release it.

Feeling it sets it free.  It takes as long as it takes, but it will set you free.  Get all the support you need, but don’t fall into the trap of getting the kind of well-meaning support that says to ignore it.   You will get through it, but only if you feel it all, you know?!

Don’t ignore the action.  In a home, ignoring things is a convenient way of making them seem to go away.  The modern magic of stuffing things in a closet, letting the papers pile up, ignoring that drip that you know may be a big leak… it’s a form of an illusion we’ve all done— out of sight, out of mind.  “I can’t see it, so it can’t bother me.”

But we all know:  it can and it does.

I know it’s unpleasant for many of us to know we have, suddenly,  a big expense, a costly commitment, a time-consuming repair or a process of healing that’s got to be done. Ignoring it isn’t going to change it.

Taking an action and handling whatever that is will change everything.

Ignoring puts you at “effect” and confronting is the ultimate action of “cause.”

I didn’t say this was easy… but it will clear space in dramatic ways.  In that clear space, we flourish.

No need to dwell.  Dwelling is effect.  You know what’s happened.  Unless it’s part of a process to heal or repair, telling the story to yourself over and over is taking that negative energy and swimming in it.

What the hell do you do next?  In a home, I make a decisive move to deeply change the energy of a space.  In life, the same decisive move always works.  (The Cash Camp free intro videos are almost HERE, and they’re huge on lifting the energy to the highest heights at home.)

If you’re not in a space of resisting things (ie: you’ve let yourself feel it all) and you’ve freed yourself of some of that heavy stuff so you can move freely again, high vibes work wonders because you’re now able to reach high into those high vibes.

Follow the energy. 

If you’ve let yourself feel everything, you’re not burdened with heaviness. If you’ve decided to take action and handle things, you’re in a zone of intention flooding back.

The first step is always whatever step brings you a feeling of more peace, joy, love, excitement.

Consistent small steps are life-changing.

They’ll take you from effect to cause.

We’re all already masterful manifestors.  We just need some space to gather up our magic and free ourselves of anything that clouds this brilliant power.

Whatever you’re up against, rather than fighting it, lean into it. Feel it, move through it, and make the space you need to gather up your magic on a whole new level.

It’s easy to say it, but I know it’s another to do it.

Even if it’s a challenge, it’s worth it to do it.  It’s the road to all the richess.

xoxo Dana



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