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Feb 17, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

As I’ve been finishing things and clearing the path ahead of me, I feel myself re-tuning my own energy toward more of the creative thrill and awe of every day.

Given that everything feels so buzzing and bright, it’s time to talk about how we act like tuning forks… and how we can tune into anything we need and want to make and manifest it right now in ways that are incredibly empowering.  

First, let’s start with how much clarity we have.

Have you ever hit a fuzzy station on the radio? Or, a spot where you lose cell phone reception?

You can’t get a message across clearly. You can’t get the information you need. It’s garbled, unstable and full of static.

This is the static to eliminate. It’s interference. It’s all the stuff that makes life more challenging.

It’s like sitting in a meeting and not being able to get your point across. Being confused and overwhelmed when you’ve got problems to solve. Being inundated with information when you need just one answer. Not knowing what to do next…

And in that state of static, it’s really hard (not impossible, just harder, much harder sometimes) to make things happen.

In feng shui, it’s clutter— be it emotional, electronic, energetic, actual junk, dust, emotions pent up— that create the static in a space and, consequently, in your life.

Indeed, you can still achieve, manifest, make and create in a space of any kind of clutter— it’s just harder, like having a conversation where you’re struggling to hear the other person on a call with bad reception or trying to enjoy a song on a fuzzy radio station that’s not fully tuned in.

There are so many ways to clear this clutter.

The ultimate foundational way to unburden yourself of static is to be true to yourself.

What are you aiming for? What’s that thing, that vision, that achievement?

Now, what is it you want?

Really, what is it you want?

I’ll tell you right now, if you’re aiming to “just get by” that’s not the kind of radio station you’d like to listen to on a road trip into, you know? Imagine a station that played barely any music, just enough to barely fill the hour, barely curating anything they chose, barely having enough every to get through the hour, every hour.

Even for just a few seconds imagine that you started a long drive and came upon this radio station just wanting to get by and barely fill the airwaves. How does it make you feel? Do you sense how unsure the DJ’s are, how little effort they’re putting into each selection of music? Do you feel tired, bored, anxious, disappointed, immediately ready to change the channel?

How long would you be able to listen to this?

I’m betting that whether it made you frustrated or sleep, bored or aggravated, you’d turn it off.

This is a dramatization of what happens when we take lackluster goals, things we don’t really want or that we simply hope to just get by with, and we decide that this is going to have to be what we can focus on.

It sounds like—

I’m too old to find a great husband/wife so I’ll settle for what I can get. 

I’m too poor to aim for an advanced degree.

I’ll be happy if I can just pay my bills. 

I’m too late, too untalented, too far behind… etc, etc, etc, etc. 

So, we shoot for what’s realistic because that’s rational.

You might not even know why you’re aiming low or not going for what you want… but you know that you are.

How compelling is that tune? Would you listen to that radio station? Who do you think would tune in and become your audience?

Not. Too. Many.


We all want to be wowed, inspired, on the edge of our seats. We want to hear the music that makes our hearts soar.


It’s all a tuning fork.

You are a tuning fork.

You can tune yourself to a frequency without having to do anything technical or complicated. Just be YOU and clear the static and focus on love and joy and all the things you’re excited to create and experience.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for less than billions of dollars (not everyone truly wants that) or aiming for a spot on a stage (not everyone wants that either!)… but there is something less resounding, less powerful, less clear, less moving and less compelling about aiming for what’s not exciting to you.

Let’s just say, you won’t really tune into what you’re settling for. And if you do, you’ll likely find it’s such a weak pull that you’ll get frustrated, tired, bored… just like listening to a radio station that’s barely playing music as you drive for hours.

Go for what you want and tune into that, right now. Even one awesome thing. A great meal you can have. An exciting afternoon.

Feel the pull of that. Feel what fills you when you’re in that space.

It’s pretty amazing.

Keep on going.

That tune, that phone call, that radio station blasting the best music that is loud and clear and thrilling… that one, you’ll listen to, and it will make your long drive seem shorter.   You’ll want to listen to it because it’s full of love, joy, passion and excitement totally in sync with your soul, so to speak.

It will strike that chord of greatness in other people, too!

Our brain and our heart send out messages and information constantly. People can feel what you’re feeling and hear what you’re thinking, especially when you’re in close proximity.

This is incredibly powerful:

This isn’t meant to strike paranoia that people can read your mind (!!!), but, rather, to be a call for us all to tune into more love, joy, radiance, passion….!!!

This starts to clear the static from life— being who you are and tuning into what you want.

This makes the reception become clear.

This makes the messages land.

It changes your words from words to creative invocations.

You’ll start to call in what you really want, and move toward what you really want, and you’ll feel it every single day.

You’ll also see just how powerful you are more and more, every single day.



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