Feng Shui To Attract More Amazing Opportunities!

Mar 8, 2018 | Prosperity

Attract opportunities.

Open doors that have incredible gifts waiting behind them.

There are infinite directions to move in, and there’s infinite support as you move forward in life.

The possibilities are immense.

The idea of opportunity doesn’t only bring with it abundance (like if you were, say, handed a check) , but, also, opportunity is full of a wealth of things to build like great reputation, great fortune, great experience, incredible fun, bigger love, learning, discovery…

Some people make choices based solely on money, which I do understand and respect.  But, if you’re unfulfilled while making money right now, you may want to create more opportunities.

Clearing obstacles at home allows new things to enter.

Everything from shoe-filled entranceways to over-stuffed rooms create a home that’s an obstacle course. You need more space for things to enter.  Creating that space is like telling the universe ” I am ready!”

Organization makes space for larger adventures.

If you’re not organized in your days, you shrink the amount that can enter your life.  A simple example: not having groceries or food nearby (even though you can afford it and it’s close enough to home) can turn your days into a scavenger hunt for food once your blood sugar has crashed and your emotions are on a roller coaster… and… all that time you spend deciding, searching and more…

I know people who do this daily.  I used to be one of them.  Like, not knowing where my keys are for 20 minutes a day.  Time is more precious than anything, and wasting it because life is disorganized helps no one!

Clearing your life of bandwidth-snatching distractions allows possibility to flourish.

For me, the crazy news cycle can be like an addiction. And it puts attention on all the wrong things for me personally,  like art and love and wellness and solutions. When I broke free of watching or reading or hearing more than a few minutes of news… the whole world became enormous.

Texting can be a distraction. Social media.  Etc. Etc.  You know what’s been pulling you off track and you know how to get back on track…!

Sensory switches light up new pathways in emotion and imagination.

A delicious fragrance is magical.  Luscious texture is intimate to the touch. There are so many ways to bring more divine sensory experience to your home.  From baking cookies to adding rugs, the possibilities are endless… and can be custom tailored.

Fresh energy allows you to reach further.

This is the crux of it all— the more energy you can carry, the more you can have, do and live with.

For example: let’s say you are told you can take everything from a treasure chest that you can carry with your hands.  Right now, you might be a little out of shape.  But, if you’ve got three weeks before you get to the treasure chest, I bet you’ll be working on building your strength every single day so you can hold the maximum amount of treasure, right?

That treasure is all made of energy.  You can exercise your own vibrant life energy to hold more of that treasure in your hands every single day.

Space clearing, positivity, creativity, dedication and so much more literally expands the amount of greatness you can hold in your life. 

This is just the start of opportunity-expanding Feng Shui.

If even one idea hits you— run with that discovery.

Yes, “I’m too disorganized… Yes, I’ve been too distracted…” etc, etc… can turn into “Wow, I have so much free time on my hands…” or “Whoa, I had no idea how powerful I could be when I’m focused…”

These simple shifts, even if they take some time to accomplish, allow opportunity to approach, to form and to become manifest in ways that you may never have considered before.

This foundation creates wealth that grows and lives that expand with so much more ease.

It’s totally awesome and totally possible.

Attract opportunities. Open those doors.  And, get excited to live life in the widest ways possible!



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xoxo Dana


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