Are You Ready To Reach The Next Level In Life?

Mar 23, 2018 | Creativity, Prosperity

reach the next level

Are you ready to reach the next level in life? Are you ready to put a more energized, balanced and purposeful you into the world? Are you ready to fulfill a bigger vision?

If you’re in a place where it feels like things are declining instead of thriving, you may need an energy upgrade of some sort, even bigger visions and even more love everywhere you look.

I’ve come to see that I can’t ignore the signs that energetic upgrades are due— for my body, my mind, and of course, my home.

The common signs I’ve seen in the last decade that a next-level is calling are sometimes unusual or paradoxical. And, they’re a great starting place if you’re looking to move higher and don’t know where to start or quite what’s happening. You’re being called to rise higher!

You’d think I would have had this figured out by now, right?!

I used to think I’d hit a time where it was all figured out, when things would just 100% click, but I’ve come to see that thinking that “it’s all figured out” is an extremely good way to get stuck.

Even during my biggest growth-spurts in spirit, in business, in art, in love, in wellness— there was nothing 100% figured out and finished.

Everything has room to grow and if that growth stops, we get stopped.

Put a plant in a pot and watch it thrive. Once it gets to a certain point, it will need a bigger pot. If it doesn’t get that bigger pot— essentially, its own energetic and environmental upgrade— it will start to decline. Roots starve, nutrients are lacking, it’s hard to grow and soon it’s hard to support the plant with what little is left of the soil.

We grow like this, too, in many ways. Like a business model from five years ago, what once worked and once felt fulfilling soon will be limiting if it doesn’t expand and adapt. Like a relationship that has cruised forward with nothing bad happening, but also, with no deeper growth or commitment. Like a workout that seems to get the job done, but, over time, becomes less rewarding, reaps less results and feels like more of a grating commitment.

If we aren’t challenging new muscles, we don’t build them. If we aren’t exploring new avenues in our creative lives, we aren’t expanding toward breakthroughs. If we aren’t getting deeper in love, we start feeling we’re falling out of love…

And that’s just life. It’s science. Nothing stays the same.

We have to consciously choose to grow, you know?

A few signs that a next-level is beckoning that have surprised me, that I’ve seen with clients, friends and in my own life—


Because you’re jaded, you’ve done it all already, you’ve seen enough of the same things.

Honor this call to more adventure, more growth and NEW ways.

Increasing tension and frustration. 

Yes, that old quote attributed to Einstein but likely never spoken by him is extremely true:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

It will make you crazy when you’re looking for more and better out of life and you’re doing the same old things to create more. That same workout you’ve done for years won’t magically strengthen a new area of your body that it’s never sculpted before.

A sense of running on a hamster-wheel even though things are going well. 

When I lack gratitude and feel like I’m a robot, I get big alarm bells sounding in my mind! This is a big call to see how you’re working/ moving/ living every day and make changes to the same-same-same routines. Even small shifts shift the energy.

Seeming failure where you once had success. 

When my clients tell me that all the things they’ve always done don’t work any more, that’s a sign that upgrades are being called for by the universe. It’s like, 15 years ago, people still sent faxes (I guess a few people still do!) for business promotion through a machine attached to a phone, and, now, we have the Internet blazing. If you’re still sending faxes, they won’t work any more!

That analogy applies across the boards— find ways that feel great to express yourself in new mediums and in more upgraded ways. Ironically, I have found that my offline world of old-school meetings, speaking events and in-person workshops is an innovation for me— it’s a dynamic I’ve missed and it’s super-unique and thrilling.

That said… keeping it fresh keeps the success flowing in all ways.

Too much nostalgia.  

If the past seems romantically perfect, you are due to up level your present.

Resistance to change is the big one. 

Yes, in all paradoxes, it’s when change seems impossibly hard and something you’d rather put off indefinitely, now’s the time to rise and conquer that change-making!

When I’m in flow, I am so open to self-growth and solving deeper problems. When I’m stuck, all that change-making feels like overwhelm and just “not necessary” even though it’s the thing that will crack the universe wide open!

Catch yourself in that resistance and start piling on the self-love.

You’re meant to keep growing. And if you’re here reading about energy and shifts and changes and designing your dreams and all of the intentional living… art… creative genius… power… you already know you’re meant to keep growing.

Treat yourself extremely well. Layer on the self-loving action. Dare to do the new, even if it’s small things to start and you aren’t sure what the next ones will be. And: blast off into a new dimension.

Your home- and your whole environment- can help you to make these leaps forward rocket the energy around you through the roof.

The change you’ve been waiting for is waiting for you to make it!



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